Torture, Degradation, Cover up, Blackmail, Slander, Sabotage, Set up and continuing RCEMHBT effects.

Torture involves brainwashing and engineering to attempt to induce suicide or at least to set me up as suicidal to easier facilitate my anti-psychotic poisoning or illegal sectioning, which would make easier my total destruction involving turning me into whatever sad, miserable, revolting spectacle their sick minds want to reduce me to.

Marcus Findlay is still shifting his centre of conscioussness into mine, telepathically psychologically torturing me, not leaving when I have to go to the toilet, and even when I go to bed to sleep. I always have at least one agent of the state in my centre of conscioussness. They are employed to censor my thoughts and conversation, set me up, control, manipulate and misrepresent me. Since the electronic electro-magnetic barriers were activated, they have also been in me during sleep, mimicking dreams since I no longer have that natural right and ability.

I am slandered in the mass media. It is illegal to make pejorative reference to someones mental state and religion, disclose details of a personal physical nature and everyone is supposed to have a right to reply. To cover up the sterilisation, MI5 use electrical stimulation of my glands to induce the collapse of my womb lining and prolonged massive bleeding which drains my lifeforce and psychologically tortures me about my infertility.

I am blackmailed to go back to MI5 agent Peter Mcillwrath to be set up as mentally ill by being found guilty by association with his pretend mental illness and guilty by association also of being stupid. He censors my conversation, (the only level I can think on) psycholgically tortures me, assaults me, controls my finances and is my public rapist.

I am slandered and illegally misrepresented by the constant transmission of synthetic telepathy about which I am supposed to be bothered. The synthetic telepathy operators and agents in my centre of conscioussness are mimicking my mind being split up into four levels. The synthetic telepathy is nonsensical gibberish, sometimes it can be perceived by others as terrorising. My subconsciouss thoughts are censored by the agents in my centre of conscioussness who work in shifts and mimick a third level telepathically, constantly invading my mental space. The fourth level is the manifest level on which my complete sanity is revealed hence I am isolated, all friends are blackmailed not to come anywhere near me.

Finally and worst, the mind control torture settings which have been permanent for three years. The electronic electromagnetic barrier which is blocking at least three quarters of my astrological and Nature energy spirit which carries thoughts, feelings, sensitivity, awareness, understanding and opens my psychic doorways.Another electronic electromagnetic barrier blocks my constant flow of thoughts (the wrest of my spirit) with which I connect to the external. Also, MI5 are jamming of the frequency at my temples on a very low level which prevents me from being able to perceive the tiny part of my spirit to which I would otherwise have access.