Fortress Europe 2004

Within the secret society each area has groups of witch-bashers who are in secret paedophile rings which specialise in traumatising spiritually evolved children and targeting dissident adults with psychic abuse and involving agents using MI5 Frequency Weapons. The witch-bashers are paid in psychic-skills and enjoy their witch-hunt activities and persecution drives. Masonic paedophiles are trained in recognising childhood attributes that signify a creative and

potentially effective spirit and seek to ruin the child by traumatising him/her with physical molestation disguised by a cover memory. It takes two paedophiles to molest a child and induce a cover memory – hence the paedophile ‘rings’. These rings, supported by MI5, monitor the child as it grows and if the cover memory is displaced and the molester identified, MI5 will be called in to do induced experiences mimicking psychosis with mind-control frequency weapons on the victim who can then be classed as schizophrenic, sectioned and, as a result, be unempowered in a court of law – hence the molester stays free. Local centres present themselves as alternative, political or spiritual but are really used by MI5 to monitor dissidents and natural psychics.


Natural psychics will be sectioned. The whole point of sectioning is to fully block the psychic minority to conceal the fact that you can get all psychic abilities without secret society initiations once your personal energy is in balance and freely flowing. This energy, which is carried by the neurotransmitters, needs dopamine to guide it along its journey and anti-psychotic drugs block dopamine. This, effectively, restricts and muddies the flow of your spirit through your brain and prevents your ‘doors of perception’ being opened at relevant times for use of psychic abilities.

Sectioning is also very traumatising and can break people. Those will lose their psychic abilities because of the trauma they are now afflicted by and can be tossed aside by MI5. Those of a stronger nature will be re-sectioned for the rest of their lives until they are lost to themselves Things are changing in Britain as far as torture and murder are concerned but there are isolated wings which still torture and murder but these practices are being generally stopped and less extreme frequency weapons applications are used to control, punish and shape the more individual members of the population. Over the last few years MI5, MI6 and foreign intelligence agencies have made significant developments in the mind control realm of parapsychological engineering. MI5 now have the means to directly block the spirit. This is done to demotivate, desensitise, uninspire, shut-down, block you off from your mind, torture, incapacitate and disconnect the individual from their destiny. This blockage takes the form of an electro-magnetic barrier, suspended at the base of the brain in the kundalini channel. Many people across Europe are slightly barriered without their knowledge – preventing them from growing, expressing themselves artistically and wondering why they are not, at all, psychic. Some people are completely barriered and additionally incapacitated for years on end. These are the ones whose enemies hold personal grudges against them and who still have the power to torture them severely. There are still many of these torture subjects who will endure invasions into their mind by synthetic telepathy, disorientating brain-scrambling sessions which can last over a whole day and whatever other more personally designed settings and programmes most upset the target.

Torture, murder, false-imprisonment, discrediting and poisoning are rife all across Europe - The Hierarchy must no longer impose upon those who do not need it and who do not want it. There is nothing wrong with secret societies who deal in psychic skills, who don’t let them be abused and who don’t impose on more natural ways of life. But, using a secret society to maintain an oppressive, violent, traumatising, lying, immoral, restrictive and capitalist regime in which a minority is cruelly abused must no longer be tolerated. Enemies of the Secret State are those who would have a positive impact upon society: exposing injustices, healing and teaching sacred knowledge. Much information, if released, would change the very ideals and aspirations of the population.