From Internal Alchemy to Induced Experiences Mimicking Psychosis




     When an individual has learned to think for themselves and is managing to live a relatively unrepressed life, mainly able to follow their pure feelings, learning skills appropriate for their destiny – they will soon be ready for the activation of their natural psychic abilities. If they have any minor karmic or traumatic issues remaining which would encourage immorality, they will undergo the process of internal alchemy. This involves the diseases of trauma or karma being released into their consciousness so they can be experienced, recognised, understood and discharged for once and for all. The trauma or karma will be projected psychically inflicting psychologically on them via verbal means that which they did for which they had karma, or that which happened to them if they had trauma.

     The karmic projection teaches them why their previous actions were wrong so that they will never repeat them. The traumatic projection enables them to re-experience but this time accept and not be broken by that which traumatised them before.

     Those who seek power through conspiratorial use of unnaturally opened doors of perception control the population and censor knowledge. They substantiated propaganda that the final stage of internal alchemy was in fact schizophrenia. In reality, internal alchemy results in the activation of natural psychic abilities which will never be abused since the natural psychics’ spirit is now pure, large enough volumes of which flow through the brain, when appropriate opening doors of perception enabling respectful use of all human senses.

     Historically, natural psychics were lobotomised, given E.C.T. and eventually, the worlds most harmful poison was designed specifically to block the energy of spirit – anti-psychotics. Anti-psychotics are actually “anti-psychics” and as science and evil has advanced, so to have the negative properties of anti-psychotics. The official “chemical truncheons” incapacitate and mentally disable people in many additional ways to blocking natural psychic abilities and everything your spirit expresses through your personality. Such attributes include sensitivity, empathy, compassion, motivation, passion, physical fitness, understanding, awareness, intellect, higher feelings, spirituality, creativity, appreciation of the arts and love.

     Some people who dealt with internal alchemy in their past life are born with their psychic abilities fully operational, however, their psychic abilities remain hidden for their protection, such is the threat of torture, brain damage, sectioning and murder to sensitives in today’s society. These people however will be motivated to live a life different to that prescribed by the state. They will be greener, anti-capitalist, anti-authoritarian, individual and have practical revolutionary tendencies. In the past these individuals were identified by the corrupt masons who mimicked schizophrenia on them. Abusing their ability to shift their centre of consciousness, they replicated the projections of karma or trauma telepathically to trick the target into thinking they were mentally ill. Nowadays, MI5 use psychotronic frequency weapons to subject intense “induced experiences mimicking psychosis”. Synthetic telepathy now replicating the “voices”.

     Hence, an experience that should be recognised as an important stage of personal evolution preceding real mental health and the expression of ones creative centre which should be embraced and learned from is blocked by anti-psychotics – an essential weapon of state control.