This surgery should be carried out in the developed world and beyond


Psychotronic technology has been developed since the time of the Ancient Egyptians and can be used in medicine for non-invasive surgery.

“Psychotronics” is technological mind control but the technology has been developed to affect the body as well. Diseased tissues are disintegrated non-invasively and programmes have been created to re-grow healthy tissues in the human body, even re-growing complex parts of organs and skin including newly created hair follicles.  New medical technology (NMT) involves: penetrating the body without breaking skin, directly affecting the internals using carrier frequencies and directing electricity for electrical stimulation of certain parts of the body for disintegration or for tissue growth. The lump or disease in the heart can, thus; be broken down, new heart tissue grown and the surgery can be followed-up with replenishment and reinforcement - ending-up with a perfect and very strong heart. Frequencies of sound and physics are directed along “silent sound” carrier frequencies - electricity “griding” your body via the neural network to direct the electricity required to affect the patient’s internals. NMT connects only initially with your brain and body’s natural radiation; just like a one mobile phone connecting with another.

Electrical inter-reaction affecting your biological systems was widely used and known of in the time of Vance Packard. However, how the technology would have come to his attention was through its use in murdering people: electrical stimulation of the brain can be used to cause a fatal heart attack or a stroke. Using the grid of electro-magnetism, a vessel in the brain can be burst causing a brain-hemorrhage. The technology could be used to disease rather than cure and victims could be murdered with the cover of dieing of natural causes.

A lump can be grown psychtronically in a valve of the victim’s heart and be grown to such a size that they die or, becoming dislodged or stuck, it kills them. Un-natural illness could be caused by the un-natural stimulation of the pancreas or the kidneys.

It is possible that, in the case of AIDS, cells that look like the AIDS virus are manufactured psychotronically so the victim is diagnosed HIV positive and he will be made weak and so murdered with the frequency weapon covered to look like natural causes.

Frequently, miscarriages are induced psychotronically; potentially breaking the mother and father. Abortions with NMT are safe and easy for legal abortions and beyond: taking five minutes, with no need for pills and there is no bleeding after.

Back to NMT being used for good by experienced natural psychics...

You can get brand new lung internals, non-invasively and within five minutes, allowing you to still look perfect in a bikini - if you don’t normally, you can have your fat broken down or be deflated. NMT is programmed to re-grow highly complex parts of the human body perfectly. Even bone disease can be disintegrated and new strong bone tissue created to give the victim new healthy strong bones. The technology can then be used to cosmetically alter the bones to give the body the right shape. Even in the event of having spina bifida and getting a hunched-back highly creative programmes can be developed to give you a good straight back with a spinal chord and everything included. 

There are many “frequency weapon operators” practiced in using New Medical Technology: they should be available on the end of a phone to connect the technology onto you in case of; an emergency, for required surgery or, simply, a remote internal health scan – curing any disease or problem found in the body. Calling this number in the event of an overdose would be effective: the frequency weapon operator would induce vomiting or disintegrate the swallowed drugs. Also, if badly poisoned, they would protect your internal organs; fix any damage by the overdose and put you on life support prescribing fluids until the poison was out of the victim’s system. You can be put on life support involving keeping the heart beating, forced normal breathing and forced consciousness. This should be provided from a distance in the comfort of your own home - surgery conducted in your living-room chair or in your bed. The frequency weapon operator welcomes and guides you through each procedure communicating via synthetic telepathy. The synthetic telepathy is the communication in words of the frequency weapon operator: transmitted psychotronically and being received by the patient’s brain - clearer than the telephone and sounding like they were in the same room with you.

Some people prefer to be treated by New Medical Technology in hospital so they can sue if something goes wrong. However, there are many frequency weapon operators based in Britain and around the world who should be able to conduct the procedures professionally as long as they are natural psychics following the higher guidance of their spirit guide. The programmes for surgery using NMT have been developed for a very long time. The NMT recognizes diseases, breaks them down, and re-grows new tissue of the appropriate shape and nature to replace the disease at a speed as rapidly as within a minute. The relevant factor is that the technology is extremely highly developed and very sophisticated and any medical problem requiring surgery can be dealt with simply. A woman, who has had a caesarian section, can have another baby: the wounds on her belly can be fixed and firmed and her old uterus disintegrated and a new one grown.

Deposits of fat can also be disintegrated to improve your figure. Broken bones can be moved with magnetism, sealed and stuck together. Fractures are easily repaired using NMT: new marrow and bone being created and used to heal the bone.

No need for stitches! Your skin can be sealed stitch free and cosmetic uses for NMT include; electrolysis, facial enhancement, nose or lip-jobs, artificially created cheekbones and broken nails can be fixed with a quickly re-grown nail.

With NMT, in the comfort of your own home, your internal organs can be scanned and viewed on a computer screen. Disease can be identified whereupon a frequency weapon operator will communicate with you via synthetic telepathy and give you information on the state of your insides and asking for your permission should any surgery be required to be fixed into perfect condition.

This service - and being available in an emergency and for basic health requirements – should be provided free by the state for the general public.