A New Development in Mind Control.

MI5 have learned how to block natural psychic abilities independently of anti-psychotic drugs or traumatisation. Using RCEMHBT, they suspend an electric electro-magnetic barrier at the middle of the base of the brain blocking a chosen amount or all of the energy of the spirit. The spirit carries all non-biologically originating thoughts, feelings and sensitivity. To block only natural psychic abilities is not too incapacitating, the only other noticeable effects are a reduced imaginative capacity, an inability to perceive beauty or to love with intensity. The barrier thus applied makes the subject like a typically naturally blocked Daily Mail reader.

Sometimes, the "barrier" is used specifically for incapacitation or for torture, for these applications, most or all of the spirit energy will be blocked. The torture accompanying major blocking is severe. Discomfort, subconscious strain and a need to escape will be experienced. It can be compared to being in a prison of the mind, suicide would be considered if the torture subject had the ability to think. They are shut off from the internal, unable to feel joy, sadness, anger, or even the cold. They wonít be able to bear being alone, even the company of a rapist is preferred to solitude. They canít be creative, appreciate music or understand books. Eating is a good distraction, but weight-gain will occur since the barrier also effects the metabolic rate.

Completely blocking a spirit medium will disconnect her from her spirit guide Ė this is parapsychological engineering.

Although better than anti-psychotics because you can recover quickly from it, the barrier completely knocks you out of the running. Complete blocking is a form of murder which leaves no dead body.


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