Real Empire Magick Understood via the Emperor in the Tarot.

There are many institutions through which are channelled Empire Magic. The NHS, the post office, the local council, the media, the housing department, benefits agencies and the masons.

Empire Magic works through the manifest level; its most powerful tools are bits of paper. Officialdom.

If you are a threat to the corrupt state, even simply by being a natural psychic, the first thing that will happen is that MI5 will construct a plan of sabotage using Empire Magic. Commonly used is sectioning and the consequent drugging. Also to your detriment is the official classification of mental illness. You are not even allowed to vote. Related to sectioning is MI5ís use of RCEMHBT to physically effect you for blackmail, or to mimic mental illness. Sectioning is also handy for MI5 when they want someone physically restricted. Having a record of mental illness unempowers you in a court of law, hence sectioning is often used against those child molested or those exposing crimes of the state. Often MI5 send out the section order themselves, then blackmail a doctor to act for them, filling in the appropriate forms and prescribing psychic ability blocking, intelligence reducing anti-psychotics.

Being broke is obviously very restrictive, so benefits agencies are used to deny targets what they are due. MI5 will infiltrate your banks computer system and "disappear" your funds. Masonic networks will be used, individuals ordered to borrow money from you and not pay it back, or bully it out of you.

MI5 can get the Post Office to stop Empire Magic working for you by intercepting and stealing important mail such as pin numbers, insurance documents, copies of legal rights or letters from useful contacts.

An example of getting Empire Magic to work for good was when the FOP persuaded the local council to put a TPO on a forest.

The housing department can keep putting you to the back of the queue if MI5 want you separated from your computer, fax machine, books, documents, phone and security.

The media is a very powerful aspect of Empire Magic. It can be used for good or evil. Good is when state corruption is exposed, bad when hatchet jobs are done.

Empire Magic works through state beurocrasy, masons, computers, the written or spoken word and physical effect. As above, so below, what manifestly effects you, does so to on metaphysically defined levels.


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