The Process of initiation.

  1. Internal alchemy (see related article). Unbalanced energy leaves your soul, passed your mental awareness and is replaced with your own pure, natural, astrological energy.
  2. Alchemy or Sacrifice. You connect to Nature by loving her and different parts of her, her energy will connect to your soul, pushing out diseased energy caused by unbalances in modern society. These unbalances come into your reality, and you have to banish them. Once you are free from each restriction, you get an initiation, and increased mental awareness as the mental aspect of your new soul energy. You are reconnecting with the wrest of yourself in Nature.

To be fully initiated involves having completed sacrifice, your soul has to be pure and whole, and you will be in a state of yoga, whereby you are more aware of hermetic philosophy, absolute idealism and pantheism.

Nature only gives you as much energy as you can handle, so if an unbalance is too dangerous or difficult for you to deal with, she wont release it, and you will be stuck in your personal evolution. The energies you encounter are torturous, murderous and perverted, and very strong. Battling against the forces of evil.

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