Books and woodland campaign.

To order your copy of Marinas latest book CLOU (2), e-mail Marina. Contents include exposures of MI5, criminal conspiracies, high magick, alchemy and Marinas report. It costs 5 and is well worth it.

Also for sale are copies of Marinas 2nd book "The Anti - Wicca War", about the Pressmennan Oakwood campaign which she is presently recommencing. Some of this book was written while Marina was being tortured and accidentally contains 1% misinformation. You should be discerning when reading the latter articles. It is very spiritual and teaches all you need to know to protect ancient woods. It also includes the poetry exhibited on this web site. "The Anti - Wicca War" also costs 5.

If your interest is sparked and you are environmentally aware, maybe you could help with the "Justice for Pressmennan" campaign which asks that the police arrest government officials, the landowners and their agents. You could write letters to the appropriate newspapers, distribute petitions and attend demonstrations for a start. Please get in touch if you can help.