An Illustration of State Destruction of an Environmental Campaign.

The Pressmennan campaign was launched by genuine environmentalists. It started well, 2000 locals signed the petitions to conserve Pressmennan wood North (PWN), the local community associations put their names to the "Friends of Pressmennan" (FOP)s conservation strategy, and the local paper gave favourable, intelligent coverage every week. The local council jumped on the bandwagon and went as far as putting a precedential blanket Tree Preservation Order (TPO) on the whole wood.

On the day of the TPO, an agent provocateur arrived. A saboteur had previously snuck into FOP. The provocateur started making inflammatory statements to the press, and set about alienating the local community.

The Edinburgh "Evening News" was used as a vehicle by MI5 to set up the campaign organiser for a civil interdict, having her viewed by the courts as guilty by association with the inflammatory statements of the provocateur. The interdict prevented her from showing journalists and experts around the wood. It also restricted her from site meetings with the Forestry Authority, Scottish Natural Heritage, Land owners, management consultant and council officials.

The Forestry Authority misrepresented the campaign group to their expert when he was invited to appraise the conflict, by not producing favourable press coverage nor articles written by the campaign spokesperson. Neither did they mention the petitions and the conservation strategy.

A powerful anti-Nature mason who had infiltrated FOP volunteered to represent the council at a vital Regional Advisory Committee (RAC) meeting. At this meeting he backed down and left the council open to financial loss if they pursued the campaign. He was accused of impropriety in the "Scotsman" newspaper.

A brilliant letter exposing the illegality of the felling plan and corruption of the FA was sent to the Secretary of State. In synchrony, it was sent to the media. The media awaited his response which was totally evasive, stalling and requesting documents we had already sent to him. At the time, the campaign organiser was being tortured by MI5 who were using frequency weapons.

After being badly sabotaged, the campaign organiser had to get ingenuitive. She hoaxed the spiking of the wood to give the landowners the moral high ground to ease the blow of having to back down. She wanted them to see the wood as beautiful, not as a business asset. White serpents in the shape of Sís were painted with water-based paint throughout the wood, and diagrams of porcelain spiking sent to relevant organisations.

The "Evening News", for MI5, set the campaign organiser up as having spiked the wood. Consequently, she was made the subject of a government terrorist tagging experiment.

Finally, MI5 blackmailed an appropriate doctor to section the campaign organiser. She was incarcerated at the time when 200 trees were felled.


texts by Marina