Keep it Real.


     Society’s secret leaders pretend they are good and pretend they have insight into Magick, in order to control society. The public are brainwashed to believe that the authorities know better than them. The public is manipulated, blocked and institutionalised in order to stop them for thinking for themselves. If they thought for themselves, they’d soon see that the authorities lie for satanic reasons.

     In reality - No one should ever be given unnatural psychic abilities because, power without the required sense of responsibility, sensitivity and morality – corrupts. If you are good enough not to abuse psychic abilities, you will have them naturally.

     Killing people who break a promise which they made when unaware of the dire consequences of making that promise is not Magick. It is murder. It is murder of people with conscience or just decency who would otherwise cause problems for the criminals which the secret society is designed to privilege. These criminals are murderers, child molesters, rapists etc. who all cause suffering which is the essence of Satanism.

     Suffering causes more suffering. The excluded and free minority who are not made suggestible and to violate people and children’s privacy should know that people can read their minds so they can stay away from them. They should know about thought magic and the fact that immoral people can shift their centre of consciousness into them, or violate their privacy by astral travelling.

     There is no justification for everyone in the secret society to be telepathic. There is no point in it. Telepathy should only ever be natural and used to prevent evil and lead to “manifestations of soul”. Natures’ guardians are very important. If leaders were truly good, they would allow the public to do internal alchemy – in fact – facilitate this. The form of society should be created by “liberation of soul energy”, everyone contributing to society with their creative centre and not being oppressed. They would then be joyful and fulfilled and appreciate the true beauty of others’ contributions to society. - If you think that capitalism and status do anything other than block and disease you, - you are brainwashed.


Marina Llewellyn.