The forces of evil attracted to Good,

You reach out to Nature for help.

The sea Spirit enters wand of wood in hand,

Banishing earth pentagram drawn in the sand.

Do the Devil at your peril,

Ars brevis the quick way lands you in trouble

From experience, mystic lessons,

initiation; connection, tune to more dimensions.

The Deities alive, for them you curse,

Natures insight passed in verse,

Synchronicity, seeing, insight is sought,

Responsible. exciting direction of thought

Political action, serving the Green man,

Fighting for Nature, repersonalised as teacher

­You know how she suffers and cares for her creatures.

You identified, high magick survived,

Pure magick the goal, your future, you control.

Connected to realms you-now understand,

Crown chakra compelled by cords from the land.

Earth energy rituals at appropriate festivals,

Overthrow with 3rd party, secret oppressors.

We all know not to disconnect again,

Respect Mother Nature and all her ken.




The Dark of the Moon


Winter solstice Earth spirits imposing,

Next full moon the most enchanting.

On the beaches,

Up the Laws,

North Berwick Witches gather for rituals,

Working for Ceridwen, Macha, The Green Man,

Trying to make a positive impact –

Reconnect the Earth plane

With the Divine Plan.



They oppose the forces of the Devil,

Who spreads stench associated with honourable intent.

Oppression rules, Fortress Europe

Inside those walls they parapsychologically block

Rob them of their reality, Directly opposing the spirit

The brightest stars, the dullest, mindless slabsof meat,

Waiting, waiting to be set free.

Where is the 3rd party?

Who is the 3rd party?

Why still so much suffering?

Whence comes their power?

Masonic Handshakes?


Maintain the status quo keep child molesters free.

Reduce, reduce, reduce – Nature

“Unshackle” us from our ancestors

Give us crime, torture, murder,

Pick on those who threaten the order.

Those who know the fear of being

Grabbed and destroyed by an institution

Dragged from environment,

Still tortured.

Why is this still happening?

When will it end?



Marina Llewellyn


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