Modern-Day Rape


For twenty years, men and women have been put unconscious by use of frequency weapons to be raped in secret. This happens primarily in mental-institutions, which are modern-day concentration-camps, which are organised to destroy and traumatise the prisoners. Whilst unconscious the victims are injected with hundreds of thousands of milligrams of anti-psychotics, which disappear you personality and destroy your body. ECT is still rife and lobotomies are given via microwaves from the frequency weapons instead of by the old-fashioned surgery.

The secret society steals power through pretending to be needed for donation of psychic abilities. Anti-psychotics and trauma block natural psychic abilities, which everybody should have, indeed, should be taught how to attain at school.

Many people are murdered in modern-day concentration camps, by staff, plants and frequency weapons. Sterilisation and other forms of GBH are covered by the NHS who falsify the evidence.

The first time I was sectioned was to cover my sterilisation, which is now known about by the police who have an ultrasound picture I managed to bully out of a nurse who did an ultrasound scan.

If there is nothing wrong with you and you are sectioned or you hear ‘voices’ (synthetic-telepathy) – call the police. If you are a victim of torture or GBH or attempted murder, call the police. They will investigate and help.


Marina Llewellyn