Nazis Secretly Ran Western Europe and Canada since World War II



Western Europe and Canada’s international intelligence agencies were until recently Nazis. In Britain the culprits were MI6.

The Jews were picked on because they practiced internal alchemy and alchemy. The Freemasons persecute and murder witches and natural psychics for the same reasons. Sadism, inferiority complexes, control, domination, sexual perversion, denial, psychosis, delusional egomania, > SATANISM.

Their reign is coming to an end because the earth energy ‘tricked the devil’ (forces of evil), by leading him to believe that a higher intelligence could be used for evil. In actual fact, the earth energy has set the Freemasons and Nazis up to be brought down completely, for once and for all and also ensuring that no such institutionalised Satanism is ever practiced on earth again.

Mental ‘hospitals’ were modern-day concentration camps in which witches, natural psychics and victims of child molesting were raped, brain-damaged, murdered, poisoned and traumatised. ‘Pretending to heal while murdering’. A classic state technique for authorities to steal respect while breaking natural moral laws.

Humans were not the only victims of the Nazis – also bull-terriers and nature.

Bull-terriers are the natural psychics of the dog world and are tortured and raped, some breeds traumatised into becoming vicious and used to damage their own kind.

The Nazis know that nature is alive and sentient particularly trees (their spirits are called ‘Dryads’) and mountains and wild places. The spirit of a place is called the ‘genii loci’ Laws and Tors are quarried: this is torture, assault, murder and GBH; fields are ploughed – this is torture - fields are fertilised and polluted with pesticide – this is poisoning. Our natural habitat is oppressed and what’s left of it is deliberately destroyed.

Hell is here and now and the earth has been hell for many thousands of years. Heaven means ‘Green place’ and will be recreated on earth in the next few hundred years.

The truth has to be made available to the public especially metaphysics and social oppression and new rites introduced for nature spirits. We need three laws: 1) Never impose on pure will; 2) Never interfere with any living being without asking for and gaining permission; 3) Never cause any unnecessary harm.


Marina Llewellyn


Fact – Since World War II the secret society has murdered 11 million innocent people and done induced experiences mimicking psychosis on 18 million natural psychics, witches and victims of child molesting