Policing” is to “guard or put in order”.


     The Corrupt Masons Network – C.M.N., which maintains the secret state by threatening to murder people by the use of frequency weapons is being infiltrated and brought down.

     The C.M. mistakenly believe that they can use the earth energy for evil. Their power bases are at high energy locations, therefore, the earth energy has organised – by controlling their actions - that they have become entirely dependant on frequency weapons. Frequency weapons are used by the C.M. to blackmail victims, human rights workers and law enforcement bodies not to lock up “busted” criminal masons. The secret society blackmail not to talk or write about or of psychic or frequency weapon abuses obviously restricts official investigation, and keeps crimes out of the courts. Once infiltrators into the frequency weapon operating C.M.N. identify and unempower the criminals, there will be no “kick-back”. The kick-back is, when you find out, blackmail by death caused by frequency weapon inflicted brain haemorrhage, heart failure or car crash. The country will be “set free”. We will have a democracy in which, decisions are made based on the truth – which will now have been able to come out.

     Presently, MI5 have become good and it is some members of MI6, and the C.M.N. that have to be watched out for. “Police” have been infiltrating the mental hospitals to catch those inflicting induced experiences mimicking psychosis, and abuses of the captives by both staff and inmates.

     The C.M.N. still have power and are blackmailing the “police” to torture, incarcerate and oppress certain targets, but soon, all victims of human rights abuses will be set free and be given financial compensation.


Marina Llewellyn.