Parapsychological Oppression in Britain.



For 80 yrs, those who secretly control the way society evolves or (doesn’t) have been developing frequency weapons which remotely connect onto the brain frequency and then the whole body of the target. The neural network is used to direct electricity and chosen frequencies. MI5 can do practically whatever they want to the target with electrical stimulation of glands and brain, emotional engineering, synthetic telepathy, frequency assaults and covert murder.

Magicians and natural psychics are targeted for political reasons and blocked so that their E.S.P is shut off. The Secret Society likes to control psychic activities and donate psychic abilities in a hierarchical manner – so they don’t want outsiders jumping the ladder. They also do not want the general public to know that natural psychics cannot abuse their psychic gifts and should be respected for their morals and creativity. Having done internal alchemy, consciously or unconsciously, their psychic doorways shall be opened by pure energy channelled via the kundalini:


The kundalini is generally considered to be on the etheric double – the great central channel running vertically through the body along the spinal column from crown to root chakra… It is the connection between the energies of the Earth and the Universe.”


                                    (Diane Stein, Essential Raiki, p.80, The Crossing Press, 1995)


As a magician takes the process further, more energy is channelled through his kundalini in to his awareness giving him extra perceptory awareness and the ability to express his individual skills


“By means of several initiations the seeds of Awakening are sown within the soul. Later they are fanned and stimulated into an active living flame lighting the brain.”                          

(Israel Regardie, Foundations of Practical Magic, p.40, The Aquarian Press ltd., 1985)


MI5 block magickians severely to prevent them from fulfilling their destinies. They’re opposing their personality, mood, emotion, imagination, inspiration, sensitivity and motivation. A highly initiated magickian will have lots of electricity travelling via the brain neurons; it is now possible for MI5 to stop this passage of energy at its entrance to the brain. Natural psychics have electromagnetic barriers suspended in their kundalini channel at the base of their brain. This restricts, to a specified degree, personal astrological energy – an energy for connection to Nature which opened their doors to perception and facilitated awareness of more dimensions. Additionally blocked, for magickians, is the energy from connection to Nature, which facilitated awareness of yet more dimensions.


MI5’s frequency weapons are used also for internal cooking such as: sterilisation, brain haemorrhages, heart attacks, torture and Induced Experiences Mimicking Psychosis (IEMP).




                                                                                           Author: Marina Llewellyn.

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