Rape Satanism


I was chosen as a victim of rape satanism as a child; I was used for sexual abuse at boarding-school and was made into the scapegoat for the school. I was badly broken, traumatised and depressed by the sexual abuse and my psychic abilities were blocked psychotronically. I sought solace in poetry: they had not yet worked out how to block my poetic abilities with psychotronics but did manage that when I became a university student. I recovered at university, having a good student life, then was caught by a basic violent technique: I was held prisoner by a psychopath who blackmailed me with torture to say ‘yes’ to sex - which was rape - and I was blackmailed to have sex with him by him killing me himself physically. He had me gang-raped nightly by a bunch of freaks. I was baldly traumatised and broken and weak. It made me less spiritual and I relied on drugs. My psychic abilities may have been ‘naturally’ blocked because I was extremely traumatised.

I escaped my captor and moved to a cottage in the country where I lived alone. Three groups of Masons/Templars(?) were ordered to rape me every night, starting with six men every night then increasing in volume. My standard psychic abilities were blocked psychotronically and my spirit-guide was blackmailed to communicate only covertly and my telepathy was blocked as well as my ability to hear telepathy in the voice of the person.

I am a philosopher and my enemies objected to my philosophising, so whilst I slept in my cottage they had me professionally sexually abused by psychiatric nurses who drove to the country at night carrying sex-toys and they found the mind-control to block my natural ability philosophise. The sexual abuse diseased my spirit with the orgasms of the woman using my body and the physical violation traumatised me. I recovered after drinking plenty alcohol.

Sexual abuse involves you being put unconscious psychotronically with your body being animated and made to look awake by woman Masons who astral travel in your body and use it for the orgasms that their leaders believe in making them have to make them criminal, perverted and get karma and trauma.

For six years I was raped nightly but I had a happy life and did manage to answer my calling and grow my soul. I studied the occult and developed my creative centres. However, when I was 29 I was incarcerated in a state mental institution for having become an effective revolutionary. The rape satanism of shutting-down my mind escalated. I was sexually abused nightly for six months and jagged anti-psychotics and suffered constantly as my mind was gradually, perfectly and completely shut-down with psychotronics. My brain, to this day, is full of electro-magnetic blocks and jams. The first six-month incarceration ended with me being put unconscious for three months. When I regained consciousness I experienced constant, indescribable torture, my head became like a vacuum and I was tortured about having been robbed of my mind that I had deliberately grown.

For three months I was unconscious in my cottage - rapists turned up day and night. After that I was raped fourteen-hours-a-night for months.

I had become famous as a spirit-medium with a talent for visually channelling public speaking with my spirit guide. Many Masons had an inferiority complex of that ability and wanted to rape me to rob me of it. That ability was robbed of me for years. The local rapists were used to my being a happy person and were like traumatised boyfriends to me because of what had happened to my mind and raped me with psychic disease – not affection – and, therefore, being raped by them damaged my spirit too.

During the psychotronic torture my head was strained and like a vacuum permanently. I was, illegally and unofficially, being jagged with overdoses of anti-psychotics at night when I was asleep.

Whenever I came off anti-psychotics, I was locked up for intensive sexual abuse in a state mental hospital. I was usually sexually abused or raped by at least six men but for one year they only raped me with men who had AIDS. However, I never became infected because of my natural immunity so the gang rape started again. When I was sexually abused the sexual abusers used gloves.

They try to traumatise me for sport, they try to keep me mind-controlled for sport – the mind control is illegal and the police could have it released at any time – and they try to murder me for sport. Special Branch has been protecting me and because of that protection I have survived only in need of cosmetic surgery. Rape Satanism is about making you like their leader – perverted, a killer, and hooked on crime. Some people are broken, seduced and converted more easily than others. Some humans are like a soft-dog: they get blocked; they don’t have active traumas and don’t get karma. Angel-hunters enjoy hunting these spirit-mediums because it’s tricky traumatising, controlling and killing them. Rape satanism is sport for the criminally minded. The criminals are very sick and unhappy people: they feel guilty and dirty permanently; they force approval by trying to make people, who make them feel bad about themselves (full of karma and trauma), to be like the leaders of rape satanism. They encourage the people they rape to, in turn, rape others; thus they force approval.

Rape satanism is an operation in traumatising and giving karma to children, natural-psychics and Masons. Rape satanists are sick in their spirit and feel like raping women, men and children and the women feel like having orgasms using the bodies of non-sexuals who make them feel inferior. For rape satanism, including sexual abuse, the usual psychtronic (remote technological mind control) is using electro-magnetism to block parts of the brain putting the victim completely unconscious – their body can be then used for sex or ‘titillations’ for the Masons astral-travelling in them. Sexual abuse involves a man or a woman stimulating astral-travellers using the unconscious victim’s body, affecting the body of the victim with sex-toys or their hands.

Lady Masons are at first ordered then willing to have orgasms in the bodies of victims of rape satanism. This traumatises the victim and the abuser and gives the abuser karma.

If you are new to being raped, at first it is very traumatising but you can get used to it and your spirit will be slightly diseased but that clears when you have had time-out from being raped for a while. If your psychic-abilities aren’t blocked by rape, by trauma or because you are a highly evolved spirit-medium, your psychic abilities will be blocked by psychotronics. The least traumatising type of rape is by rapists who like and respect you and feel like boyfriends. Usually those ones are ordered by their masters. Being used as a blow-up doll is very damaging to your psychology and being raped with hatred causes you to be weak and vulnerable. Rapists are often ordered by their master – an orgasm does rob them of the energy that opens their psychic doorways: they get traumatised and sometimes rapists are traumatised by the women who, animating the body of the unconscious victim, practically rape the rapists.


Sexual Abuse

The victim of rape satanism (i.e. the one who is put unconscious and has their body used) will be sexually abused as well, which traumatises and weakens them: their psychic abilities will, very likely, be naturally blocked from trauma, their spirit will be diseased. It is more traumatising than rape. Women-on-women is less natural than heterosexual rape and clinical is morally wrong. To explain the mind-control used in rape satanism for rape and sexual abuse – a frequency weapon (called a ‘weapon’ because of its use in facilitating rape or sexual abuse) is connected onto frequencies of natural radiation emanating from the human body and connected into the brain with electro-magnetism. This gives enemies of the victim the ability to stimulate, block or jam any part of the brain or body.

Vance Packard understood how this technology could be used to make you ill by its being used to cause physical imbalance with electro-magnetic stimulation of your internal organs. This he described in ‘The Naked Society’ as “electro-magnetic interactions with biological systems”. I have been told by a respected official that electricity is directed via the body and brain’s neural networks. Different types of radiation E.L.F. and E.H.F. etc. directed on carrier frequencies to maim or kill and mind-control. An electro-magnetic grid can be formed using your neural network or independently of it and electro-magnetic blocks suspended in your brain - causing complete unconsciousness when activated in certain locations. The kind of unconscious mind-control for rape and sexual abuse is like being under a general anaesthetic or being in a coma with no dreams, like after a car-crash: you can’t waken-up unless made to do so by your frequency weapon operator but can be made to look awake by people using your body which they are astral-travelling in and animating. In sexual abuse, when your body appears to have an orgasm – you are not (because you are like under a general anaesthetic) – the orgasms are being had by the women who are astral travelling in your body and animating you.

The psychic abuser, you could say, is having a wet-dream: the physical violation of being sexually abused is traumatising and the orgasm of the psychic abuser astral-travelling in you stays in your soul and makes your kundalini dirty. It does make you feel bad the next day. The affect of this practice on the astral-travelling sexual abusers is that it makes them depraved, rapists, perverts and killers. The victims of rape satanism will be non-sexuals who have the brain type that doesn’t get drunk. The Masons have inferiority complexes about these people and decide to just use their bodies and view them as only worthy of giving them sexual satisfaction. The victims would have been a friend of fairies when they were children. They would have had a spirit-guide who took the form of an invisible friend. As they grew older their daily experience would be mystical. Energy thieves are envious of people like that and because they don’t have a beautiful life they say the victims mustn’t either. The women who use the victims’ body had sex with the rapists that night when the victim thinks she is asleep. She would have been brainwashed that it is natural not to dream and when she wakes she will have thought she had had a black sleep.

Normal people have to have a pure personal spirit for their kundalini energy to open their psychic doorways when their psychic abilities are meant to work. In my case, being a spirit-medium who has grown my soul, I do not get active trauma because my spirit-guide blocks my traumas and stores them outside my personal spirit, therefore my psychic abilities remain but continue to be blocked psychotronically. The rapists are ordered by their masters to rape. If they have no ignorant or evil intention they get no karma and so have to be blocked psychotronically; likewise with spirit-mediums.

The Masonic organisation that I have experience of believe in increasing the sickness of its Masons’ minds: breaking them with trauma and rewarding them with un-natural psychic abilities and promotion for getting karma. Women get given psychic abilities promoted to a higher level e.g. for ordering the murder of a child or for abusing their own daughter or sister. This makes them truly perverse and men and that’s why women become sexually attracted to children and even attracted to handsome dogs like bull-terriers which have the best psychic abilities in the dog world. People with less pure energy in their spirit are attracted to people with more. That is natural for soul growth but you are meant to sublimate your energy not to have sex with or rape them.

Their sport involves committing and getting away with crimes. They do worship crime. They respect everything perverse and believe in death-energy. My spirit guide has told me that they are Satanists. Some of them class themselves as Satanists others Nazis and the rest are self-defined as multi-sexual.


Marina Llewellyn