The Sacred Grove.


Druidic spirituality is pagan, and philosophy - Wiccan. Our values of a high moral standard, recognizing and respecting that all life is sacred. Never cause any unnecessary harm and never impose on the pure will of another are firm principles upon which we base our actions. Also we know that you must never interfere with any living being without first asking and gaining their permission. We never impose healing because if you work against someoneís energy , not only are you breaking natural laws but you areassaulting, diseasing them and denying their basic rights. Likewise, Druids know that no one should ever assume superiority because this itself focuses disrespect and therefore poisons.

Druids go the mystic way, learning from experience and realigning, with nature using an entirely personal symbolic system. All genuine spiritual evolution lends you back to nature and you canít complete alchemy without nature. The mystic way involves self initiation - you can only initiate yourself, although others can help direct energy to that end. We get initiation by connecting with spiritual love through living symbols, to forces we do not yet express through ourselves. Visualisation can be incorporated to focus and tantra to identify suitable soul energies. Druids always have a question which in itself invokes increased awareness leading to growth. Philosophy means "love of wisdom" so genuine philosophers who accept only universal truth end up as magickians. Magick is the art of living with wisdom, and responsibility entails acting in accordance with your insight. Healing, teaching, learning and manifesting soul all involve the same archetype, which can be described as channeling the life-force through the subconscious to the universal consciousness, as appropriate. Until alchemy is complete as pure energy is invoked, so unbalanced energy must be banished, being dealt with and transformed through the manifest level. As the soul is opened out due to the alchemical process, you become more and more sensitive, and increasingly moral. Nature has guardians thus only the pure of heart gain access to the magickal realms. With evolution, you gain understanding and awareness of many dimensions at work in our lives and can direct energy more efficiently because of this.

Druids therefore live according to an entirely different metaphysic to that around which modern society is built. However, we can still live in harmony with and contribute greatly to society. Like the Celts, Druids recognize that developing a diverse range of skills and cultivating ingenuity are intrinsic to adepthood. You have to be capable of manifesting all your ideas, counteractobstacles and freely share your particular wisdom. Everyone has a unique talent which is their creative centre. Your potential can be fulfilled when karma is dealt with and your soul balanced and unrestricted.

Druids do not see themselves as separate from nature, and she teaches us by letting us reconnect with her when we can relate. This is why the word Wiccan is derived from symbols of concepts concerning "with", "wisdom" and "wit". The feminine universal deity can be seen as Isis, the keeper of the earth and all that is, was and ever shall be. A formal definition of Wicca would combine aspects of pantheism (forms which embody the lifeforce), hermetic philosophy (as above, so below) and absolute idealism. Idealism must include recognizing and where possible banishing entities or spirits which are not of and work against the life force. These "dark forces" are not in pantheism, they are like cancer except infectious and only ever destroy life, never channel it. The form of a vampire represents their archetype. Capitalism and present day Empire magic are loosely based upon although incompatible with materialism and Cartesianism. Adhering to either of these nonsensical theories would make spiritual evolution impossible. This is why social leaders go to greet pains to keep everyone stuck in the mundane, and why the state is anti-nature. They donít want individual self respect, empowerment or responsibility. They prefer to keep the public ignorant, vulnerable and easy to manipulate - hiding and oppressing sacred knowledge so no one can identify its misuse. It Is Druidic work in this lifetime to rectify this appalling situation. Battling with these dark forces is at the heart of Celtic spirituality, sacrificing (only yourself) for the greater good as part of your magickal training. To sacrifice means "to make sacred, which implies pure and completely healthy. Healers must first heal themselves, this experience is synchronistic to healing society.


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