Marina gets into trouble protecting an Ancient Oakwood called Pressmenan

The Shocking truth up ‘til the Second London

The Secret Services decided to neutralise me by typical means and sent in one Graham White, an MI5 saboteur and one Geoff Colhoun, a provocateur. Graham destroyed our legal case that would have facilitated the protection of the majority of our threatened wildwood remnants, and attempted to subvert the campaign into a platform for peddling Forestry Authority greenwash. Geoff made confrontational statements to the press that were used to fuel £5000 of legal harassment against me. Even though I had publicly disassociated from him, I was still viewed as guilty by association. Consequently, I was severely restricted and excluded from vital aspects of the decision making process. This did actually cause the entire downfall of the campaign. He also alienated the previously entirely supportive local community and helpful conservation organisations. Both Graham and Geoff waged psychological war against me, spread slander and practised many MI5 techniques used to prevent democratic resolution of conflict.

Then into more hot water. I uncovered a national scandal which involved, indeed was initiated by the Royal Family. They basically conspired to break international laws and stole and destroyed much of the little that remained of our country’s natural heritage. Many ancient woodlands protected by the Habitats Directive were completely clear-felled so that suitable trunks could be used for the rebuilding of Windsor Castle after its 1992 fire. A more sinister and occult aspect of this deliberate and militaristic anti-Nature offensive relates to the fact that connection to Nature leads to the development of natural, unabusable psychic abilities and is vital for Wiccan initiation. The Royal architects worked with the Forestry Authority (set up by the MOD in World War 2 to replace torpedoed timber imports) and 2 or 3 major timber companies to target and take out the most sacred ancient woods. Inventories drawn up to ensure conservation of this habitat were used to locate valuable sites whose owners were then approached and offered tens of thousands of pounds by agents for the timber companies.

Also very relevant is the fact that at this time I discovered and started to use mediumistic abilities. For 100s of years, social leaders have burned and murdered mediums to prevent public understanding of sacred knowledge.

Extract from "Lobster" Magazine 30:
Abstract from recently declassified records on Project Pandora released on 19Dec 1994:

"In 1961 Alan H Frey provided evidence that the perception of sound can be induced in normal and deaf humans by irradiation of the head with low power density, pulse modulated UHF (ultra high frequency) electromagnetic energy; a type of radio wave... In 1973 S.M. Baldwin et al provided further evidence that brainwaves can be inhibited or enhanced by low power VHF energy. The ability to modify behaviour with auditory-cortex stimuli, peripheral heating, brain rhythm modification and many other biological applications of microwaves has been repeatedly shown since the 1950's. The energy in question is used in radar.....It is therefore possible that the biological application of radar could be used as a weapon on an individual or mass basis for sociological or political purposes."

I live alone in a small country cottage and am therefore a sitting duck for technological and psychic attack. MI5 started forcibly blasting me with toxic radiation. At this stage I didn’t realise that they were using remote control frequency weapons that had their sights set on my physical body. I wrongly imagined there must have been machines planted outside my house. They radiated me sometimes directly into my head, sometimes in a line down the centre of my body, and sometimes just completely. Frequently I was made to feel like my body was being dragged to the ground by a great weight. Obviously, I was terrified, and assumed I would be badly physically damaged. It was their intent at that time to simply run me from the country but for some unknown reason they changed their mind about that and instead, chose to attempt to torture and blackmail me into submission using Remote Control Effect and Manipulation of Human Being Technology (RCEMHBT).

Extract from "Lobster" Magazine 36
Although difficult to produce, ELF (extra low frequency) waves make use of the electrical capability which exists between the ionosphere and the surface of the earth and, unlike the usual radio-communication waves which dissipate their energy over a relatively short distance, ELF can travel right round the world with very little loss.

Since the 1950's it has been known that very small electrical signals applied to the brain can affect consciousness, produce mood changes and alter sleep patterns. The frequency of the signals required to produce these changes are in the very narrow band 0.1-10Hz, these being the electrical frequencies which occur normally in the brain. It was thus a simple step to put these two things together, to amplitude modulate an ELF radio wave with brain type frequencies to produce a device of brain control.

The State's remote control of human electromagnetic technology connects onto the frequencies of radiation emitted by the brain and body. Electricity can be further directed to specific points in your person via the neural network. There is a USA patented (#2,995,633) technique for communicating verbally directly into the brain of an individual located at a distance. Officially it is described as a means to make deaf people hear. This widely used phenomenon (predominantly for subjecting targets of induced experiences mimicking psychosis to "voices in the head") is known as synthetic telepathy.

MI5 came out to me speaking via such codings onto microwave transmissions, pathetically referring to themselves as the "Windsor gang". They intimidated me verbally, then, in conjunction used remote physiological control with electro-magnetic manipulations to demonstrate their technological capabilities - these they described as "mentally sophisticated". They needed me to take their threats seriously. What followed was a week’s worth of routine, soul destroying relentless torture. The first of much to come… Daily, for a week, two agents took approximately 6hour shifts in intensive and brutal attempts to dominate me and break my spirit. The first had the voice of a man, the second, of a woman.

The man’s job was mainly to shut me up about Windsor Castle. He terrorised me by causing cutting sensations at the base of the middle of my brain that I could feel and hear, while repeating verbally that I was having a lobotomy. Over and over again he was saying, "Never mention Windsor Castle, only on that (the thought) level, you’re having a lobotomy, say you will be normal". (Having done research into my personality, they were attacking that which is most important to me, my mental capacities.) Since they were clearly able to access and physically affect the inside of my head, I believed and still do, that had they so desired, they could have gone through with it for real. They were just mimicking but how was I to know? I was crying and screaming, absolutely petrified that they were going to give me brain damage. Using magnetism, the man also dragged mucus and moisture up to the top of my head, moving my brain, causing pressure and using this to manipulate tubes in my forehead. Doing so, he caused much pain and said that he was going to burst my "clairvoyant bubble". He did eventually burst something that caused my right eye to be closed for several days.

The woman’s torture was designed to stop me from developing further my psychic abilities, practising Earth energy magic and Druidism. She yelled commands constantly, psychologically draining me. She asserted that I wasn’t allowed to do basically everything that I live for. She exhausted me.

My response to that horrific experience was to publicise the Windsor story throughout the underground environmental scene for protection and to deepen my resolve to fully answer my spiritual calling. The left hand way involves exposing and eradicating injustice.

Now I was in more trouble than ever, knowing classified military information relating to the nature and capabilities of the technology used against me.

For the next few months they distracted me with RCEMHBT experimentation and obstruction: lots of blasting with radiation, filling my body up with electricity and manipulations of my energy body. They did one particularly crude experiment that involved sedating me and then making four electrical connections around the corners of my parietal lobe. They joined these points vertically with two currents which penetrated my head by about 2cm then slid the currents horizontally, blowing the neural network in that part of my brain. This cut off two of my senses, taste and smell. (They told me they were experimenting on me and that if I spoke to anyone about it they would kill me instantly). I was still trying to campaign to protect woods in my area. During the three days that one powerful landowner, Lord Balfour was doing illegal clear felling, I was sedated so extremely that I couldn’t get out of my chair. I did manage to send out letters detailing RCEMHBT abuse.

Next, they decided to take me out once and for all. I was already quite frazzled and tired from their ridiculous, unending attacks and persecution. I was sitting in my living room when electricity started to enter my body at four points - over my ovaries and into my temples. This was a carrier frequency over which they directed a damaging form of radiation very like or definitely microwaves. They were targeting my front brain and my ovaries. Those internal organs started heating up and hurting. I was being cooked, sterilised and administered a very large dose of something similar to electro-convulsive therapy. In vain I tried to get out of range and drove 10 miles to a friend’s house. Distance seemed to make no difference, so I had to minimise injury by attaching my head and back to a radiator that attracted and drew the radiation from my body. During this assault they said to me, "We don’t like druids and we don’t want any more." They increased their own enjoyment of this sadism by tarting it up as a satanic ritual. (The Secret Services are deeply Masonic). Grievous Bodily Harm doesn’t count if there’s no broken skin. Very luckily for me the ECT backfired. Being a medium, (because of my astrology) I am a member of the minority of the population who respond unusually to ECT. For us it serves to speed up rather than slow down the thought processes. However, and I have evidence in the form of ultrasound photographs to back this up, they succeeded in sterilising me. The Secret Services have made me barren.

I kept protecting myself by sending out lists of RCEMHBT crimes committed against me, naming some of those responsible. For the next couple of years (whilst experimenting), the Secret Services tried to coerce, blackmail, condition, brainwash, discredit and (faking accident or suicide) kill me. I was tortured daily, often psychologically (e.g. Using information about my past they tried to traumatise me about having been child-molested). They also used rape experiences against me. Often they would combine emotional engineering, frequency assault, para-psychological engineering and subliminal suggestion.

Extract from "Lobster" Magazine 34:
Cloning EEG.

The latest development in the technology of fear and mind control is the cloning of human EEG for the purpose of controlling the mind of any targeted victim, or groups. With the use of powerful computers, segments of human emotions which include anger, anguish anxiety, contempt, despair, dread embarrassment, envy, fear, frustration, grief, guilt, hate, indifference, indignation, jealousy, pity, rage, regret, remorse, resentment, sadness, shame, spite and terror have been identified and isolated from the EEG, as (electronically specified) emotion signature clusters. Their relevant frequencies and amplitudes have been measured, then the very frequency/amplitude is synthesised and stored on another computer, each one of these negative emotions properly and separately tagged. "They are then placed on the Silent Sound carrier frequencies and will silently trigger the occurrence of the same basic emotion in another human being."

They have got straight torture programmes that were applied when I was trying to write about them and also when I was doing spiritual work. Sometimes, when they wanted me to stop what I was doing, they did an electrical stimulation of the brain (ESB) that stopped me from being able to breathe in. They only permitted me to breathe when I obeyed them. I was constantly bombarded into the head with high frequency sound waves that is very wearing. The forms of attack are too numerous to mention but are recorded in several detailed diaries.
I've lost track of the amount of times they have tried to kill me while driving.

Diary extract. 22nd Aug. 98.
"Someone was really badly and scarily trying to murder me last night when I was driving. All the way around
Glasgow and back home.....Somehow they were 1) making me hallucinate. 2) making me nearly pass out. 3) putting pictures into my head other than the road and totally changing my focus of attention i.e. taking my mind out of the car. I kept jumping back into the here and now and driving and wondering how I had managed to stay on the road. All the way home, pens, envelopes, thinking about and looking at something completely different: (They can subliminally suggest by shifting their centre of consciousness into you.)... I had to drive because at home I was being molested by the machine, radiated into the legs, clicked, weird gaga frequency into my head again, and to top it all off, triggering the happy part of the brain. Very bad torture.”

Extract from "Lobster" Magazine 30:
By 1974 Lawrence Pinneo, a neurophysiologist and electronic engineer at Stanford Research Institute in Melano Park, California, had developed a computer system capable of reading a person’s mind. It correlates brain-waves on an electroencephalograph with specific commands.
Major Edward Dames of Psi-Tech said in April’ 95 on NBC’s "The Other Side" programme: "The
US government has an electronic device which could implant thoughts in people." Dames would not comment any further.

I will now illustrate a common brainwashing technique:-

Diary Extract

"I was getting horribly brainwashed by some bastard yesterday. Trying to tell me it (my torture) had not happened in physical reality. Someone who continued taking constantly and didn’t allow space for my own ideas and memory. I knew I was being brainwashed so set off to Glasgow. They write an alternative theory then hammer it into you for however long they are paid and then stop. I instantly forget their line because of memory wiping and return to inner knowing and memory flashes for confirmation of the truth. Truth was confirmed by driving because it was one of the most serious nights of attempted murder ever. Eyes closing, losing this centre of consciousness, passing out on the edge of the road for goodness knows how long....."

I was distributing my book "An Archetypal Representation of the Unbalances in Modern Society" in which I expose several state secrets and out the main Secret Society (an Arch-Masonic insidiously organised institutionalisation of witch-bashing) of Europe and Canada and the related scandal (and most common use of RCEMHBT, induced experiences mimicking psychosis). The Secret Society is organised by use of telepathic communication, all those "initiated" are given this ability. When they join, they are bound to never speak or write about anything they learn telepathically. It is designed to oppose the evolutionary forces of natural magick and to block the spiritual energies of deliberately excluded natural psychics and witches by abuse of psychic skills, RCEMHBT and Empire Magic such as sectioning. Its structure necessitates spying on the thought level. This is not morally justifiable, and deprives those excluded of basic human rights relating to privacy. It is completely unspiritual and doesn’t work towards the real magickal aims of following higher guidance, dissolving ego and acting according to your conscience. It gives you unnatural psychic abilities independently of the required increased awareness which ensures you only use them ethically. Psychic abilities should only ever result from completing internal alchemy: this way you first deal with your karma, and your doors of perception are opened by pure soul energy so your power will not be abused. Nature gives you psychic gifts when you are evolved enough to use them only for good. This is why Nature is said to have guardians, and only the pure of heart gain access to the true magical realms. If you are a member of the excluded minority, and if you develop natural psychic abilities, you will inevitably discover the Secret Society. To maintain their power and pretend they are needed, state leaders spread the false belief that you can’t psychically evolve yourself, be independent, responsible, and have a fulfilled life in which you find and express your creative centre.

The label of "schizophrenia" has long been used to control freethinking individuals. All non-artificially induced experiences mimicking psychosis cases of "schizophrenia" are actually misunderstood instances of shamanic initiations i.e. Kundalini activity resulting in the release of karma and blocked traumas (if you have any) required for the completion of internal alchemy - doors of perception opened by pure soul energy. One should be taught to embrace rather than suppress the experience. The Arch-masons know this; this is why they organised sterilisation programmes of so called "schizophrenics" and their families. Thus they bred out hereditary witches.

The Masons wage war against the Witches because Masons abuse their ill gained power while Witches work to eradicate misuse of sacred knowledge. Originally, the Witches and the Masons both worked ultimately towards "the manifestation of soul" but the Masons chose to omit dealing with karma, bypass nature’s guardians, get psychic abilities the quick way so have become perverted and degenerated into the mob. Their sickness formed out of denial and psychosis has developed into a form of sadism, connecting with purity only through violence. (Hurting someone is an unwilling form of intimacy.)  The Secret Services really do cover for and work with international paedophile rings and the Witches quite rightly try to stop them.

I was exposing this sort of thing so, to neutralise me, my "controllers" decided to deny me rights no one ever imagined would need protecting and effectively killed me without leaving a body. Straight mind control, blocking me off from everything that gave my life meaning. It was the closest they have ever come to killing me. One moment I had a strong intellect and personality, the next they were gone and all that was left of me was memory, rational thought and awareness of the external. There has been an electromagnetic block in my brain since summer 1999 which prevented me from having any feelings, sensitivity, imagination, intuitive awareness and psychic abilities. At first, every waking moment was alarming; I could not speak and had a blank space where my thoughts should be. Since then some of my energy has been freed so MI5 can study how the block affected me. I am becoming horrendously normalised to the torture; this makes it easier to bear now. The minimal level of thought I have and with which I write this, is jammed by radiation and expressed according to an external rhythm. This restriction leaves me unable to read books. The block prevents me from being able to do all the mental exercises I used to practise or appreciate art and music. Since I have no feelings, emotions or sensitivity I cannot love. They have used additional torture programmes on top of the permanent setting. They want me to suffer, and if they get their way, will never let me be a practising medium or Druid. One day, I and others like me will get our lives back – consequently, we will be much better at protecting and honouring Nature.

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