Spiritual development and Recreating Heaven on Earth.

When you are born, your potential soul is blocked metaphysically by injustice and unbalance in modern society. As you spiritually develop by connecting with Nature, Natureís energy pushes out the blocked unbalance, and the problem causing the unbalance, in society, comes into your reality. You have to battle it in your life. Once it is in your physical reality, so long as you fight it, your soul will grow, as you become more connected to Nature.

To connect with Nature, go out into it, love it and appreciate the beauty. You can consciously deliberately connect by holding standing stones and imagining the energy enter your soul. You can do the same, sitting with large trees. This initiates spiritual development.

Recreating Heaven is the aim of Magick in the present day and involves improving society - Healing society as you deal with the unbalances you encounter because they have been flushed out by Nature. This form of alchemy is fairly dangerous due to the criminals you encounter responsible for the social injustice. Ars Brevis is the fastest form of alchemy (alchemy follows internal alchemy) and follows particularly powerful connection with Nature. Connecting with standing stone circles or the trees of Roslin induces alchemy. It is said that Nature only gives you as much energy as you can handle, and make sure you do Magick for protection. You are the spiritual warrior in the battle between good and evil and play an active role in healing society as you purify your soul and grow it. You become more insightful and sensitive to Nature - a "Nature Sensitive". Alchemy involves taking responsibility for your awareness.

Nature should be included in society. There is much injustice in mankindís treatment of Nature. Modern agriculture is cruel to the land and to the Goddess. She is degraded, hurt, used as a whore and relentlessly tortured. Recreating Heaven involves reducing agricultural cultivation to just enough to sustain human society and reforesting much land which is presently cultivated.

As you spiritually develop connecting with Nature, you will empower yourself by doing Earth Energy Magick. Ritual is performed outside at sacred sites high in earth energy. You work with a male and a female Deity and for the four elements, it is best you work with the Kings of the elementals. These are; Ghob (earth), Dijin (fire), Paralda (air) and Niksa (water). If you want to do Ars Brevis, You have to do your Magick the "Left hand way": Invoking the Kings of the elementals and making your circle anti-clockwise. Your circle should be 9-foot in diameter. Doing Magick the left hand way lands you in the spiritual war.

Alchemy is High Magick, but the aim of the alchemist is Pure Magick. Pure Magick involves being in complete control of your life after becoming an adept. You will be trained in counteracting obstacles and will control your life with Earth Energy Magick. The adept is trained in more than one field and has a few talents. After Internal alchemy you find your creative centre and get your natural psychic abilities, but after Alchemy you have more creative psychic abilities and creative centres.

An adept will work on improving society, eradicating crime, and fighting for the rights of Nature. Certain Nature spirits should be highly respected in society and listened to. May the Goddess know it is "the beginning" of the recreation of Heaven on Earth, and may the Green man be joyful.