The Secret State and the Secret Society.

About 95% of the population are in Britain's Secret State. Those excluded are rebels, Witches and drug users. All members of the Secret State are given the ability to communicate telepathically on their initial initiation. They are also able to read the minds of the excluded minority. The Secret State is hierarchical, as you become more socially respectable, you are promoted to higher levels, being rewarded with psychic skills. The Secret State is organised with "local democracy" structures, each area having a head. MI5 run the Secret State, MI6 are involved in the organisation of the Secret Society.

The Secret Society covers Europe and Canada, the Secret State being the British section. On TV and radio there are subliminal broadcasts which members can hear but of which, those excluded are ignorant.

The Secret Society is run by the masons who pretend to have a unique insight into metaphysics and magic. They claim that it is necessary to exclude a minority as a "protective barrier" to magically ensure that no one abuses their psychic skills.

On admittance to the Secret State, members are sworn to secrecy about it. If questioned by those excluded, they must deny the existence of the organisation. Members are told that if they speak or write of anything they learn telepathically they will get "kickback". Kickback entails their death. This is supposed to be magic, but is actually enforced by the Intelligence Agencies by the use of frequency weapons.

Since the masons want to control citizens by rewarding them with or denying them psychic abilities, they cover up the fact that you can develop psychic abilities naturally. This is why they do Induced Experiences Mimicking Psychosis (IEMP) on natural psychics; the anti-psychotic drugs are specially designed to block natural psychic abilities. This fact exposes the level of corruption and masonic control within the pharmaceutical industry.