The True Story of Marina Llewelyn.

She was brought up on a farm, is vegetarian and has a strong love for Nature. After studying philosophy at university, she became an environmental campaigner and was unfortunately targeted by MI5.

She discovered a criminal conspiracy involving the illegal mass felling of ancient oak woods to supply timber for the rebuilding of Windsor castle. MI5 used Remote Control, Effect and Manipulation of Human Being Technology (RCEMHBT) on her and tortured her into silence.

She was set up in the media as having spiked a wood. She did not. But MI5 put a "terrorist tag" on her which broadcasts what she hears, her thoughts and speech to members of the Secret State within a 2-mile radius.

MI5 were using the technology to take the piss of Marina, and enjoyed it so much they decided to get it "stuck" on her. This backfired because eventually, Marina learned to use it to raise awareness about MI5. So they tried to kill her about 80 times while she was driving, gave up and sectioned her to class her as mad so she had no credibility.

MI5 also set her up on the broadcaster with synthetic telepathy (ST), pretending the slanderous nonsense originated from her mind and not as it did from MI5.

They then mimicked her psychiatric breakdown and gradually blocked her energy of imagination and feelings. She has no feelings and thoughts only as a reaction. They also blocked her constant flow of thoughts.

She adjusted to this new mental state and started an official campaign against MI5, writing a report of her treatment. (including sterilisation and experimentation.)

MI5 told her she had gone too far and that she was to be publicly murdered. They did mock executions on her and blackmailed her to go back into hospital or die. In hospital she hit rock bottom and ran to London. MI5 freaked out and set her up beyond belief 24hours a day. She has not had a moments peace since then. There is always an MI5 agent in her centre of consciousness pretending to be her thoughts to cover the mind control. They like to be in charge of everything that is transmitted. ST is transmitted while she is awake. Usually repetitive nonsense to a rhythm.

MI5 torture her for her campaigning by trapping transmissions of ST in her centre of awareness, preventing her from focussing on anything else.

She is physically and mentally remote controlled, and MI5 want rid of her at the first available opportunity. This is why she chooses to live in a highly populated area where suspicion would be aroused if she had a brain haemorrhage or heart failure. Even a driving accident would be quite obvious.