An Objective View of State Psychiatry.

Unfortunately for students of Psychiatry, the text books are written by anti-Wicca masons who lie about the nature of the mind and spirit, the contents of anti-psychotic drugs and "schizophrenia". They are told that "schizophrenia" results from a chemical inbalance, not as it does from IEMP or internal alchemy. Students are not taught to be wholistic and remain ignorant of the Quabala and the Tree of Life. They do not learn that we have different mental locations in the energy body. They are not told of astrological influence on the mind or indeed the brain.

State psychiatrists are not taught to identify the root of a disease and to banish it through the manifest level, therefore, they never heal patients, only treat them. When a psychiatrist views as "schizophrenic" someone undergoing internal alchemy, they prescribe them anti-psychotics which block the rising energy that is causing the problem. The patients evolution is suppressed rather than aided by understanding the active karma or trauma and discharging it appropriately. Obviously, the cure for IEMP is to take the technology off the subject, and only the police can do that. IEMP subjects are usually chosen because of natural psychic abilities hence anti-psychotic drugs are designed just for them. This helps maintain the power of the secret society.

In medical textbooks, the effect of anti-psychotics is to block dopamine, this is only one minor property of these evil poisons. Primarily they block kundalini. Their side effects are also deliberately horrific since the inventers were sadists. Indeed, anti-psychotics are so dangerous that to begin treatment you have to be hospitalised so your biological reactions can be monitored.

State doctors are easily blackmailed by masonic superiors so are very easy for MI5 to work through. The Mental Health and Welfare Commission, the patients "defence", is in place specifically to cover IEMP. It is entirely corrupt.

State psychiatrists are not trained in psychoanalysis, so never "council" you, never ask about your childhood or traumatic experiences so can’t heal you psychologically. They see everything as biologically based, never treat patients as individuals, nor seek the patients views or input.

Only 2 types of drugs are available for state psychiatrists to prescribe. Anti-psychotics and anti-depressants. Both are dangerous and destructive. If the state views you as mentally ill, you have to take one or the other, even if you are neither psychotic nor depressed.

For the state, the mental health system is used to discredit those exposing crimes of the masons or the state, to disable natural psychics and to imprison activists.

Sadly, real healers of the mind are themselves locked away in mental hospitals. This leaves the general public deprived of any assistance with their minds.