Why Hod (corrupt masons) feel the need to sadistically, psychotically, schizophrenically, perversely, egomaniacally and satanically, rape, murder, molest, torture assault, degrade, traumatise, imprison, manipulate, coerce, steal the energy of, take the piss of, and slander Netzach. (Witches)

The Masons delusion.

Masons kid themselves they are entitled to abuse you by eg. Saying their religion is fulfilling and entertains you, gives you physical pleasure, escapism, lazy making technology, dangerous forms of transport, pharmaceuticals which make you more diseased, unhealthy and diverted from real medicine. The corrupt masons deliberately disconnect you from yourself and living reality, progressing towards increased suffering and eventually global destruction. They deny that Nature once supported harmonious, creative, peaceful communities. They pretend to be needed and have a desire to be useful, so they brute force you into dependency, put you down which blocks, impose standards on you and make you aspire to them. They censor the true metaphysic, and brainwash a fake religion into you, which is designed to favour the corrupt and control the innocent. They take you out of your natural habitat and make you into a slave for capitalism, to earn money and social status, to survive from industry and agriculture as a consumer and parasite of your own mother and father. They deny you your rights to express your creative centre, and then delude themselves that we are perfectly happy just living for them.

Ego. Otherwise they think they are useless, so they like to fulfil the role of strong provider who you can’t survive without. – A God, i.e. Knowing best, better than Nature

Smashing the mirror. They smash anything that reminds them of the karma or trauma or perversion which will make them see anything about themselves that they are not strong enough to change/ deal with/ stop. I.e. Stupidity, cruelty to nature, childmolesting, rape, subliminal suggestion, centre of consciousness into you manipulations, astral directions, providing a false façade, brainwashing, drugging, lack of natural psychic abilities, inability to appreciate / communicate with Nature spirits, murder of Witches or those childmolested and trying to testify, or murder of those exposing corrupt masons. They will take out on you what they cannot face about themselves , but that you bring to their conscience or awareness. They intuit what you would think, knowing the truth.

Refusing to take on board the curse. ( A curse involves sending back negative energy sent to you, backed by a pure love energy, which should be incorporated, into the masons personality.)

The mason won’t take on board the curse that the one(s) they respect make them dislike about themselves, banish that energy, then replace it with the one they attack through denial. Shooting the messenger, deflecting an incidental curse.

Laughter is expressed so they undermine the seriousness of their evil. Really, the corrupt mason is shocked at himself. Together, they are deluding each other that life, rights, pains etc., aren’t valuable when they apply to those who threaten their insecurities, rejecting the curse of the targets spirit being recognised.

Sadism in a relationship and taking the curse.

The mason wants to block his girlfriend out of her mind. In this way he avoids facing his daemons. The disease takes over the mind, and instead of healing, he fixates to blocks thoughts and avoid the truth about himself. He will be jealous, possessive, sadistic, degrading and controlling to cover insecurity. He knows that by respecting what it is he can’t face that his girlfriend tells him, he will banish the diseased energy he channels. If he replaces psychotic fixation with spiritual, pure love, ready to take on board what she teaches. He can replace the disease with pure soul, get increased mental awareness and sensitivity, and be closer to completing internal alchemy.


The psychotic refuses to think naturally to block karmic awareness or traumatisation. They should be thinking rationally with pure energy. They distract themselves by plotting and acting with diseased energy. This is because, what happened to them is to heavy and they are to weak to deal with it, or what they did, to bad for them to take responsibility. They must deal to heal.

Their thoughts run too much because their subconscious is trying to manifest awareness of the karma or trauma. They may be in denial of the immorality, perversion, irrationality, cruelty, brutality or sheer seriousness. They will also be subconsciously worried about consequences if taking responsibility such as prison or public shame.

They actively through negative direction of energy (actions and thoughts) block their conscience. They are constantly in denial of what they know to be the truth and cling to delusional theories to justify their expressions of personality, and selfish jobs and hobbies.

Hurting someone you aren’t strong enough to respect/ love purely, is a form of intimacy. The only way the psychotic can connect without listening.


The inability to work with thoughts, feelings and actions in harmony. The schizophrenic channels diseased energy, having karmic and/ or traumatic issues of which they are in denial. There is one public identity, which is good, and one evil identity, which is private or shared with criminal conspirators.

Child molesting.

Many people child molest who were child molested themselves. Out of denial, they try to prove to themselves it is harmless. Some people child molest having done something terrible, trying to reconnect with innocence. They may be jealous of the childs innocence, so feel like polluting them.

Adjusting levels of karma.

The mason may think child molesting and rape is o.k., but however not murder. If they get drawn into a criminal conspiracy which also supports murder, they can be corrupted to support that too, in denial that their friends are evil. The masons believe in a fake religion which is based on sadism, brutality and murder.


The rapist is shooting the messenger, they try to ignore their mind and focus sadistically. They want to connect but can’t do it respectfully, so they subconsciously keep their awareness reduced, rather than learning and healing, taking on board what it is that your nature makes them nearly think about. Rape is a form of murder that can be repeated on the same woman.

Mass Murder

The mass murdering mason will be deluded and an egomaniac, believing he has rights to take lives for his false religion, for Satanism, the greater evil. The masons plan to wipe out existence having had a kick, being too pathetic to deal with karma, and conning themselves they can feel happy due to power, ego and control. – escapist indulgences of those suffering from inferiority complexes.


The mason must banish his diseased energy and replace it with pure forces. He must face the truth about what has happened or he has done. He must be strong enough to deal with it or with karma. Dealing with karma requires taking responsibility for and accepting the seriousness of diseased actions. They will be attacking or destroying what should be incorporated into their personality..