Update 2003

Update. 21st Jan 02.

Successfully, fellow revolutionary Fabian Tompsett countered blackmail and hosted for me in the Isle of Dogs recently. We spent the whole time exposing MI5.

MI5 blackmail all non-agents away from me since decent people tend to be good for my credibility when it comes to public perception of me via the thought broadcaster.

With the electric electromagnetic barrier in my brain, I need human company to give me energy, and was basically bullied into having a relationship with a semi-decent "If I donít do it, someone else will worse." agent, who was posing as a schizophrenic to set me up as guilty by association. Anyway. He was paid to get violent, beat me up, trashed my flat, and got me evicted. I have been reliant on MI5 for crash pads ever since, as I wait my turn in the council housing queue.

Next, MI5 wanted me set up as a junkie and sent in a new agent : GC. GC is a heroine addict, and because I suffer due to torture, I took some to ease the pain. MI5 wanted to condition me to take it regularly, so, when I took the heroine, they released more of my energy. This increased my mental awareness from 1/8 to 1/3 which makes a phenomenal difference, changing me from having no thoughts to having thoughts practically constantly. To undermine the junkie stereotype I am taking a prescribed morphine substitute and hope that today, my GP sees sense and prescribes it to me legitimately.

Previously, when in a public area, an MI5 agent in my centre of consciousness had to pretend using telepathy to be my thoughts. This was to cover the barrier and to control what was transmitted. After doing this 24hrs. a day for over a year, MI5 got fed up with this job. Another reason they put me on 1/3. I still canít dream or imagine, but I now have slight feelings and donít suffer so long as I am busy.

I had a medical check up and discovered that my bones, blood, eyes and ears are suffering. I need this thing off me!

Having to run away from GC at 3am was very dangerous. I had to visit Edinburgh to announce that I was going to inflict the broadcaster on them for 2 weeks, for protection. Unfortunately, the friend I was going to stay with got blackmailed, so now itís Dunbar thatís expecting me in about a week.

MI5 donít like me to appear mentally capable of doing a job, so blackmail all my employers to sack me. Luckily I am able to be self-employed as a professional spirit medium, (They can disconnect you from guidance by fully blocking your energy with the barrier. I had that for 8 months.) and writer.

GC bullied me into serious debt paying for his heroine, so did a good job of restricting my freedom and mobility. Despite having a cooked front brain, I still drive very well, and use the car as a "microwave station". I expose MI5 and teach Magick as I drive through towns.

I get tortured when in the middle of nowhere. Mock executions involving pressure in vessels in my brain as if theyíre haemorrhaging me. MI5 have been fucking with my energy, putting me down to 1/8 when trying to slow my campaigning down. Iíve been forced into a cottage in the countryside with a man with a reputation as an alien buff and conspiracy theorist. At least he is allowed to appear to believe me.

So, a 1/3 of a mind, a new, additional campaign "Justice for Pressmennan" which focuses on the police for ignoring the fact that landowners get paid by government bodies to break the law, by felling internationally protected woodlands. Also my website, and my business : Tarot, health checks, mystery solving and selling books which raise awareness. Iím constantly surrounded by theatricals i.e. MI5 agents pretending to have the same brand of "madness" that Iím supposed to have but relating to a different subject. Or, visiting me to brainwash the locals that child molesting is good and natural. This is for M....

I have been doing lots of earth energy Magick to organise my next life, get my mind back, and be free. It has been manifesting since they released more of my mind.

From the 11th of Feb. I am officially sane, so am choosing to voluntarily see my blackmailed psychiatrist, and take the drugs which I know to be placebo, to protect myself from being sectioned again. MI5 can easily set me up on the broadcaster with synthetic telepathy.

In Dunbar I will be more independent, so I will be able to focus on my favourite occupations saving woods, taking power away from the masons, and giving it back to Nature.



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