25 Things not to tell a Psychiatrist.

  1. MI5 want to kill me.
  2. All members of the secret state within a 4.5 mile diameter of me can perceive my thoughts.
  3. MI5 sterilised me.
  4. Anti-psychotics block natural psychic abilities.
  5. MI5 use institutions against me.
  6. MI5 have RCEMHBT connected to me.
  7. I am a torture subject.
  8. The masons control several criminal conspiracies.
  9. I have to suffer to evolve.
  10. Torture subjects should have the right to kill themselves if there is no hope.
  11. It is my religious belief to eat only the minimum required daily intake.
  12. I have agents of the state shifting their centres of consciousness into mine all day and at night they torture me by giving me bad dreams.
  13. MI5 are transmitting Synthetic telepathy via my brain and pretending to the public that itís me.
  14. Sun in the 12th house people can survive a cooked front brain.
  15. A tree is more sensitive than a human.
  16. I can talk with trees, laws and beaches.
  17. I have to have a pure soul to be an accurate medium.
  18. To fully initiate, I need to battle MI5 and free myself from their restrictions.
  19. All my new friends are blackmailed away from me.
  20. Sectioning is a form of Empire magic.
  21. Everyone can develop psychic abilities independently.
  22. The kickback is MI5.
  23. Usually, what you see as schizophrenia is MI5 doing IEMP on 1 in 100 people.
  24. The royal family conspired to break international laws.
  25. The royal family were involved in an anti-Nature conspiracy.

View of State Psychiatry