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The metaphysics of Heaven involve Pantheism, Hermetic Philosophy and aspects of absolute idealism. The world is an “axis Bold as Love”. The manifest level, a dimension through which others can be effected.

  For example, state disease, murder and poisoning must be changed to alternative medicine. Possible fields include herbalism, Reiki, crystal healing and metaphysical healing. Also, some spirit mediums should work healing cancer and AIDS and other serious illnesses.

  The energy thieving of karmic or traumatic disease must be stopped. All channellers of disease should be imprisoned then healed.

  There should be 3 laws.

  1.  Never impose on pure will.
  2. Never interfere with any other living being without first asking for and gaining permission.
  3. Never cause unnecessary harm.

Anti drugs laws should be abolished and information made available to the public. They should be educated to take drugs safely if they want and be given guidance to consume only natural concoctions and warnings of the adverse effects of pharmaceutically induced intoxicants.

  Plant healing works on the subconscious, the spirit level and the physical level. They therefore heal holistically. Only natural drugs are good to take.

  Crystal healing can be used in conjunction with sacred sites for curing cancer and aids especially with Malachite.

  Everybody should be given the Reiki 1 attunement to keep healthy and balanced.



  The life-force expresses His/Her infinite aspects in forms. The complexity of Nature, the Solar System and the Universe in maximum diversity of beauty and creation.
  On the Tree of Life, we are travelling the paths of the Devil, Death, and the
Tower of Destruction. This is about facing reality, rebirth, and tearing down the old to make way for the new - a freer culture.

  We are moving between Hod, the house of the Freemasons, and Netzach, the house of the Witches. They are having a battle, and the forces of good are winning. This is possible according to a 3000 year cycle. We move up to the heart chakra – Tipareth. It expresses your creative centre and is altruistic. You want to contribute your talent to society. Society should be built around peopleÂ’s creative centres. At this time, all joyful workers will have natural psychic abilities and therefore explore and work on and with other dimensions.

  Internal alchemy must be taught at school, everyone encouraged to get into their interests, and the Witches, their symbolism. Witches should work with the police when they initiate, because they encounter social disease thus it can be identified and dealt with.

  The raison d’etre to appreciate and contribute. Appreciate creation as her self consciousness. We must take responsibility to protect her and she rewards us. All spirits can experience life from infinite perspectives and eternally be joyful and fascinated. There is always more to learn from when connected to Nature. New dimensions connecting, creating new forms and webs.

  Animals have chemicals that blot out pain when they are killed by predators. In a whole ecosystem, rebirth of this fashion is quick. It is the weak and the injured that are taken out and the species as a whole benefits because it is strengthened and stays beautiful. In Heaven, spirits are glad for whatever is for the greater good. This comes from inner knowing through connection to the Earth and Heavenly Energy.

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