Recreating Heaven on Earth.

 To understand a properly functioning society, one must know a bit about metaphysics and a bit about spiritual re-evolution. The kundalini channel which goes up through your spine and head is supposed to direct more soul energy than is presently typical in the average person. When your kundalini is used to its maximum potential and your personal astrological energy and Natures energy is flowing through you, you become more creative and have increased awareness and are therefore able to perceive more dimensions of Natural and psychic reality.

  Everyone has an individual creative centre – something which you are good at and that is fulfilling because it contributes to society. To spiritually evolve to find your creative centre, you must complete internal alchemy. This involves dealing with any karma or trauma you may have from this or a past life, working on your personality and having a free, satisfactory life. When you have completed internal alchemy, you will function through your heart chakra which makes you compassionate and altruistic, your personal energy is unblocked so your natural psychic abilities are activated. This is everybody’s birthright, to use all our senses and abilities and internal alchemy should be taught at school.

 The next stage of re-evolution is reconnection with Nature. Natures energy is supposed to be flowing through your kundalini giving you yet further increased perceptory awareness, sensitivity, health, morality and vitality. It is not until you have connected with Nature that you can perceive real beauty. All you have to do is appreciate and love Nature directly, forming a relationship with her. Humans are supposed to be able to communicate with Dryads (tree spirits) and Genii Loci (spirits of places) – this you redevelop the ability to do. Once you can communicate with Nature you can ask her permission before effecting her, and, if you took Natures advice, society would be different with more forests, more wildlife and people living in forest gardens. Equal rights for all spirits ('equal rights' obviously imply the right to exist), Nature spirits included. If an animal is eaten, it must have lived in the wild and come from a stable population, if the population has given humans permission to take out the weak to keep them well evolved.

The reason we exist is to appreciate and contribute to creation. We should never have taken over from the more connected spirits we once consulted about important decisions. Equal rights to all spirits obviously implies their right to exist. All our relations who should be sharing the planet with us must be reintroduced to the wild. Natural habitats recreated, aiming ultimately for maximum manifestation of soul. Natures creations are alive and work together in very delicate and sophisticated ways. Nature is always evolving so there are always new discoveries to learn from.

So, maximum manifestation of soul through our kundalini and through Nature. A society in which there is no disease or crime. Everyone is fulfilled and glad to be alive. We just need to recognise the spiritual needs of humans and respect that different spirits have valid existences too – you will have this opinion once you have reconnected with Nature since all the psychic pollution which stagnated in your subconscious leaves as it is pushed out by Natures energy, and as each disease leaves, it teaches you about an injustice. These injustices include unethical treatment of the Earth and her spirits.

Presently we are moving up the tree of life past Hod and Netzach to tipareth on a planetary level, so what you have just read will come to pass when the forces of good triumph over the forces of evil and our destinies will be fulfilled.


Part 2 - A Better Way