The Anti-Wicca War.

To fully initiate, a Witch has to emotionally connect with Nature. The word Wicca originates from the word with Ė The Witch reconnects with the rest of herself in Nature. On emotional connection, Natures soul energy connects with the Witch and pushes out socially created diseased energy which polluted her soul. An initiation involves Natures energy emerging into the Witches awareness causing her to have revelation, increased awareness and a deeper understanding of reality.

After the diseased energy is ejected, it passes through the Witches manifest reality in the form of the social problem which caused it in the first place. Everybodies soul is blocked with many diseases. The Witch must solve the problems and break through the restrictions caused in her life by the disease.

The masons run Europe and are corrupt. They cause and perpetuate many social diseases e.g. Paedophelia, covert torture, IEMP and the "kickback" conspiracy. The masons know that to fully initiate, a Witch has to defeat them. Natureís plan involving the initiation of Witches is to heal society, reduce suffering and recreate heaven on earth. The masons deliberately work against this simply because they are too afraid to deal with their karma. They know about reincarnation. This is why no real action is taken about global warming, deforestation, climate change, pollution and the ozone hole. The masons want to die forever rather than deal with their karma, and they hope that if the earth canít sustain them, they wonít reincarnate. Hence, the masons wage the anti-Nature / anti-Wicca war. The masons conspire to deliberately destroy Nature to prevent Witches from discovering and eradicating their conspiracies. Anti-Nature masons who encourage landowners to fell the last of our natural heritage for cash run the Forestry Authority, and the governmentís conservation bodies pretend to enforce conservation laws so the police donít.


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texts by Marina