Natures Guardians : High Magick.

By Marina Findlay.

Connect with Nature by loving him/her and his/her spirits. Work to protect the land, speak for her spirits, write about her to raise awareness, build a rapport with standing stone circles, woods, beaches, Laws and other sacred sites. Emotionally connect with Nature spirits, thus connecting their energy into your soul. You will (unless highly initiated) have unbalanced energy in your soul caused by social disease. Natures pure energy pushes this out and replaces it, adding a bit of sensitivity, information, love and energy to your spirit. Previously, the disease would have blocked you if you were passive or you would have channelled it if you were knowingly part of the problem causing the disease in the first place. On leaving your soul, the disease manifests in your reality. Torture, misinformation, oppression e.t.c. You have to recognise it , and either overcome it or fight against it. It will be an archetypal disease, which by experiencing, teaches you its nature, therefore how to identify it in others, and, as Nature will also teach you with her pure soul energy, how to heal them from it. i.e. Healer heal thyself, then others.

Nature should be viewed as part of society for she experiences its unbalances i.e. fields are cruelly ploughed, Nature is not allowed to express herself or manifest, woodlands are "managed", Laws quarried, roads built, sea polluted, animals bred for human use.. As you encounter each unbalance, you identify with Nature, as you must before he/ she trusts and therefore opens up to you, for she knows that those who understand, will not hurt him/her.

Sacrifice (from sacre facere which means to make pure and whole) is the process of soul purification and healing (the word heal comes from the word whole). In sacrifice, you "banish the Devil" from your soul, reality and society, while replacing his energy with the wrest of yourself through Nature and learning the Mystic Way. You gain experience in healing, identify with Nature, learn how to deal with opposition to your craft, become psychic and perceive a deeper metaphysic. Also, you will channel more life-force, so will have larger imaginative capacity, more emotion, more creativity and greater sensitivity.

When you journey the Mystic Way, the pure energy from Nature which connects to your spirit and soul teaches you universal truths - you learn all the most important information from Nature psychically. The awareness cements into your mind as you acquire understanding in an initiation. i.e. You get revelation and learn more.

The devil is the diseases of modern society, whose energies block your soul until you learn about and are not hindered by them. Each disease can be called a barrier of anti-evolutionary magic, and the devil is the embodiment of anti-evolutionary magic. The energies of the devil include, sexism, feelings of superiority, violations of human rights, torture, sadism, disrespect, corruption and sabotage. As you do the devil, you experience all of these, and if possible, overcome them. As you succeed, you are contributing to healing society because you are unempowering or healing sick people who deliberately spread disease (cause suffering).

Doing the devil is impossible just now because the worst diseases are spread by MI5 who inflict their criminal conspiracies in complete security on thousands and thousands of people daily. Presently the police are unable and unwilling to act, and related problems are unstoppable. When a disease causes a number of members of society to suffer, this suffering effects everyone, blocking and therefore disconnecting them from Nature, making them insensitive and less aware. Until the criminal conspiracies of induced experiences mimicking psychosis, the kickback and MI5 remote murder and GBH are ended, no one can be fully initiated and no Magician free to practice pure Magick. The state does not allow real Magickians to be understood or respected. Nor does it allow real mediumism which enables access to sacred knowledge since the true metaphysic of this world reveals that society must change to facilitate personal development and to be more respectful to Nature. Mediums have to have a pure soul to be accurate in their channellings and must therefore do the devil. Since the devil is social unbalance it is impossible to overcome presently without the help of a third party like the police or the UN.

High Magick involves working for the greater good, doing that which is of most use to Nature, prior to the completion of sacrifice. You may be practising Nature energy rituals, but you will be involved in the spiritual war, battling the dark forces - the diseases, in the physical dimension. You may be a campaigner, activist, journalist, lawyer, police man or doctor. e.t.c.

Pure Magick comes after the revolution, when Magickians can express their particular creative centre, having fought the forces of evil, learned from their experiences, made themselves whole again by reconnecting to the pure soul energy of love in Nature. The soul will be pure and large, so maximum volumes of the life-force can be channelled into manifestation in your creative expression. You will have been taught metaphysical healing by Nature and have enough energy for clairvoyance. You will know all diseases from experiencing their archetype, and can heal others having healed yourself. You will strongly love Nature and having identified with him/her, be motivated to fight for his/her rights.

You will never abuse your gifts because by nature you will be moral, humble, responsible and aware also because you know the effects of abuse and understand karma. Pure Magick involves being master of your own destiny, totally controlling the energies that come into and manifest from your life. This has been magickally impossible now for around 3000 years, due to society being so corrupt. The forces of evil are stronger than the forces of good for the time being.




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