All you need to know to reawaken your old senses, and find and express your creative centre.

Marina Findlay.

1) Improve your personality.

Dissolve ego, cultivate altruism, increase morality and compassion, and act on your conscience.

2) Spend your time acting out of love.

Leave an unfullfilling job, go travelling, leave a bad relationship, dance, work towards fulfilling your dreams so long as they are not selfish, cultivate your creative talents, follow your pure feelings and live according to your individuality.

3) Banish negative energies from your spirit.

In your opinions, reject from society and culture, oppressive, cruel, ugly energies e.g. geometry, poverty, social injustice, elitism, judgementalism, plastics, T.V., roads, linear modern agriculture, unhealthy relationships, heirachy, reduction of people to sex objects, environmental damage, meat eating, corrupt masons, capitalism etc.

4) Connect pure soul energy to your spirit. LOVE NATURE.

Spend time in nature reconnecting with the wrest of yourself by loving his and her forces and forms, love nature all the time and let yourself fall for your favourite parts of him/her, love beauty (non-sexual), love ideals (e.g. freedom of expression or respecting peoples potential and intelligence.), love your ambition of contributing to society and living in harmony with nature.

When you are channelling enough pure soul energy, if you have any, you will experience the release of blocked trauma or karmic disease into your mental awareness, so that when your spirit opens your doors of perception to give you psychic abilities, you will use them only for good, having banished the diseased energy. Natural psychic abilities do not work until you have healed from trauma and dealt with karma so your intentions and actions will always be moral.

5) Dealing with projection of karmic disease.

You have to accept the evil of that archetype, taking responsibility for the suffering, oppression and repression you caused in this or a past life. Projection of karma includes your diseased spirit inflicting on you, that which you and maybe others imposed on nature or people - do not fight it, but understand what is happening, experience how bad you were so you recognise the real effect of your actions/expression, so you will never do it again

6) Dealing with projection of trauma(s).

Projection of the spirit(s) which still haunt you, and memories of the involved negative experiences (from this or a past life) will surface . You have to relive the experience(s), be strong and deal with them, this time not being broken.

State oppression of "internal alchemy".

Projections of karma and trauma are seen as the voices of schizophrenia, and the completion of internal alchemy is blocked with anti-psychotic drugs (restrict spirit) and misinterpretation of the experience.



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