Nature energy magickal ritual.

Marina Findlay

Earth energy magick directs energy for personal development, protection, manifestation and liberation of soul. The energy channelled is the primeval life-force, the pure soul energy of love. Nature deities are higher intelligences, and do not lend energy for selfish or evil use, so their power can not be abused. You have to connect with, utilise and manifest your ritually directed energy.

How to practise Nature energy magick. Brief summary, then, step by step guide through the ritual.

All magick with Nature deities must be done outside - never expect the deities to come to you. The best sites for magick are the tops of Laws or Torrs, woodlands which have special significance to you and beaches.

1) Connect with the genii loci (spirit of the place) or a dryad (tree spirit).

2) Decide location of and create the magickal circle.

3) Invoke the elemental spirits.

4) Invoke the deities.

5) Ask for the spirit of the place or a dryad to guide the magick.

6) Express your spell.

7) Banish deities.

8) Banish elemental spirits.

9)Thank the genii loci or dryad who helped you.

10) Unmanifest the magickal circle.

1) Find a comfortable spot and open up to the chosen spirit, keeping them up to date with the news, your activities, hopes and intentions. Commune until you feel you are prepared and in the right mind set for practising your ritual.

2) Chose a beautiful, private spot where you can tune into your magick undisturbed. The circle should have a radius of about 3 metres, stand in the centre facing North and as you turn anti-clockwise (the left hand way), visualise a blue circle which should expand and envelop you in a sphere of protective light. Complete the circle.

3) First you invoke the earth elementals, the gnomes, facing North. Connect with the spirit of the element, its properties, correspondences and nature. Visualise your symbol for the earth element - typically a pentacle, but maybe you chose to use o personal symbol or maybe Regardies. Concentrating and respectful, address the gnome with your verbal invocation. e.g. "Gnomes, elemental spirits of the North, I do summon, stir and call you up, to witness my rites, guard the circle and channel energy with my spell. Thank you for your assistance and enjoy my magick."

Turn West and invoke the water elementals - the undines, whose most typical symbol is the chalice.

Turn South and invoke the fire elementals, the salamanders, their element symbolised by the wand.

Turn East and invoke the air elementals, the sylphs - the sword.

Face North.

4) You work with a male and female deity. I will use for example the Green man and Ceridwen.

Think about the Green man, look for him around you. Visualise his symbol then verbally recite (understanding at the time, how they relate to him) his associations, feeling his connection to you forming. When in contact, explain to him the purpose of your magick, and ask him to lend energy to your spell. If in a wild place, if you approach him with good intentions, he will sense you participate and appreciate your magick. He will give you magick.

Likewise for Ceridwen. (Imagining you are a serpent, wrapping yourself around the base of a tree helps invoke this guardian.)

5) On the thought level, humbly as always when speaking to more connected spirits, ask the chosen spirit to guide your magick. The spirit will connect to you and if they are a genii loci you may feel their spirit enveloping your body.

6) You will probably have written your own spell for e.g. raising awareness, boosting creative output for society and earth healing arts like human rights and environmental activism, sacrifice, organising your next life, channelling more of the sabbatt energies, boosting protection, binding to serve the Green man, binding to work for the forces of good etc.

Centre, feel emotion and sincerity, recite your spell visualising the symbols representing forces you wish to channel and manifest. Concentration is vital and the words should flow.

7) In turn, say anything you feel you should to the deities, thank them, express your respect and bid them farewell.

8) Start with air the element of the East, say:- "Ye sylphs, elemental spirits of the East, I thank you for attending, and ere you depart to your lovely realm. I say hail and farewell, hail and farewell, thank you for lending energy to my magick."

Then South for fire, West for water and North for earth.

9) Thank the guiding spirit.

10) Look at the blue circle and visualise it disappearing (clockwise if in any direction).


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