Doing the Devil.

Marina Findlay.

The barriers of Anti-evolutionary magic are maintained by remote control effect and manipulation of human being technology (RCEMHBT). MI5 are masonic and Satanists who channel Devil energy. Using the aforementioned classified military technology, they attack good people who are acting most common sensibly to heal society. Healing society involves exposing injustice and sharing truth. If RCEMHBT were eradicated, the Secret Society would collapse since there would be nothing to enforce the "kickback"- torture to force suicide, causing car crashes, brain hemorrhages, heart failure and fake mental illness.

RCEMHBT is used to murder, torture, terrorize and do induced experiences mimicking psychosis on empowered people. These people wish to do only what they know is right by doing internal alchemy which involves purifying and freeing up your personal energy and therefore developing natural psychic abilities, sharing insight or manifesting criminal conspiracies organised by masons and MI5,6 and foreign intelligence agencies.

There is an undercover police operation to identify and collect evidence of MI5 agents committing crimes. Once the police infiltrators arrest most of MI5 (as well as many of their own bosses), everything that the Masons oppose can be liberated. Blocks in the collective unconscious due to social oppression can be cleared by understanding the negative social energies and rejecting them consciously. This can be turned into healing by connecting instead to that which was oppressed namely nature, alchemy and sacred knowledge. There would be a beautiful social catharsis, a big facing of daemons, then Hod and Netzach can balance so we can move up the Tree of Life to Tipareth higher feelings.

Witches (Netzach) live to be as constructive a force of good as possible. The masons (Hod) originally had the same aim but became corrupt when they refused to ground their spiritual ascension and therefore formed and control the Secret Society. The masons have excess karma; hence they are perverted, psychotic and sadistic. They deliberately attack Witches because they know that a Witches’ initiations involve having to take on and defeat (ultimately with the help of a third party) the corrupt powers in society. This form of initiation is sacrifice and you can only ever sacrifice yourself. Sacrifice means to make pure and whole i.e. The Witches soul has to be free from socially created diseased energy which is banished through their manifest reality and replaced with Natures’ energy – the living soul energy of love, the forces of good. Sacrifice is associated with death and suffering because Witches risk their lives and go through hell (in this age) for the greater good because the authorities cause many problems for responsible people, and MI5, rapists and pedophiles are very dangerous. MI5 run Britain, they and corrupt masons are most of the diseased energy that Witches have to banish i.e. banishing the Devil. The way to banish the Devil in 2000 is to put most of his workers in jail. The way to heal MI5 and the Masons is to expose their perversions in the mass media to make them see themselves through the eyes of the innocent general public.






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