Induced experiences mimicking psychosis (IEMP) and getting you sectioned.

Marina Findlay.

IEMP is used to section (hold against your will in a mental hospital and force you to take poison) and therefore subsequently destroy natural psychics, magicians, mediums who try to purify their soul and therefore be accurate, those who work with higher (more connected) spirits and tellers of truth about childmolesting, abuses of psychic skills and state control.

This common form of brutal torture (apparently used on 1 in 100 people) is given a cover as "schizophrenia" in current medical textbooks. The so-called symptoms are:

Saying you are persecuted by freemasons.

Harassment by neighbours.

A feeling of being controlled by external forces.

The masons (I know there are some good masons, but I refer only to corrupt ones) organise witchhunts of their enemies including beurocratic harassment and slander. They persuade some of your neighbours to harass you by stressing you out, setting you up and sabotaging your life. Unfortunately, there are many willing "bashers" who conspire against IEMP subjects. The "external forces" are remote control effect and manipulation of human being technology (RCEMHBT) and psychic manipulations. The technology will be used to inflict emotional engineering (one method to induce feelings involves using previously recorded emotion signature clusters and directing chosen ones on a silent sound carrier system to connect with the brain of the target), thought interference, Electro-magnetic blocks in the brain, electrical stimulation of the brain (ESB) and body, mimicked "voices in the head", parapsychological engineering and lots of blasting with radiation.

IEMP is used against individuals who the masons want discredited, unevolved (to rob you of energy and psychic abilities) or locked up. Usually the subject is supposed to think they are mad but often they know full well what is happening but appear to act in unusual or worrying ways in front of those ignorant of the state persecution of good people, who could contribute to their getting sectioned. The masons use the technology to torture "those in the know", and blackmail them to hand themselves into a mental hospital. They force you to take the drugs prescribed for the illness they are feigning. (Torture is diagnosed as psychosis, synthetic telepathy as schizophrenia, thefts of money from your account or documentation of insurance or finance etc. as paranoia, grievous bodily harm, a psychosomatic episode.)

This paragraph relates to those who "fall for it" but all techniques mentioned can be used on more informed subjects. Psychic and technological manipulations are often combined. Most psychic manipulations are caused by a person who has shifted their centre of consciousness into you, they can take over your body substantially and will use subliminal suggestion to influence you. The classic "voices in the head" are usually synthetic (USA Patents 5,159,703 Oliver Lowry, Oct 27 1992, 4,877,027 Wayne Brunkan, Oct 31 1989, 2,995,633, Henry Puharich and Joseph Lawrence, Aug 8 1961, 3,170,993, Henry Puharich, Feb23 1965 and 4,858,612 Philip Stockton, Aug22 1989) and can be on the speech or telepathic level. For those on the lowest level of society, the "voices" will sometimes just be caused by normal telepathy. Along with these voices with which they torture you, combinations of the following will be used. – Putting you in a highly suggestible trance state by increasing the frequency of the apparatus at your temples, causing induced fear, doing ESB to make you hallucinate and/or speed up your heart rate, technologically inducing hyper mania, disrupting your motor-co-ordination, influencing your mind to alter your thoughts and making you urinate. In this way the masons mimic panic attacks, or thus influence you over a long period of time to make you believe you have "paranoid schizophrenia". Sometimes, what seems like a psychotic episode can be caused by emotional engineering making you feel frustrated or murderously angry. Also, your actions will be directed by subliminal suggestion or the "voices" to make you smash windows or do other "mad" type things. Induced suicide attempts (if survived you can be classed as a danger to yourself and be sectioned) involve emotional engineering for causing depression etc., stimulation of the tear gland, psychological torture and psychic manipulations.

Experiment subjects will often be sectioned. They will have their memories wiped and will be brainwashed by hospital staff who will willingly, due to blackmail or through ignorance try to tell them that their experiences originated from their imagination. You could be grievous bodily harmed yet diagnosed delusional when you talk of it. If you try to get medical evidence of your injury, the nurse doing the scan will be got at in advance and will lie to you and probably place false pictures in your medical records.

Once the masons decide to get you sectioned they will pull strings within the medical profession. Doctors will suddenly turn up at your house and the remote controllers will set you up in front of them. Legal notices of having to be detained in a mental hospital for up to 6 months (this can be repeated unendingly) will suddenly come through your letter box.

If they have had their eye on you for a while, they will use their horrible magic to send an eventuality that they hope will lead to your incarceration into your soul that manifests in your reality. E.g. A mason may say that a friend "spent time in a mental hospital" while directing energy into you through the symbol of the phrase. Or they may say "I’m psychotic" while directing their magic into you – this may manifest as conspiring evil people accusing you of being psychotic, or if you are an IEMP subject, those who aren’t aware of IEMP believing you are psychotic, or as you being officially so classed.

Once you are trapped in a mental hospital you will have your mind blocked, be tortured by the prison regime and be degraded by being treated as though there is something wrong with you. You will have rights removed because you are classed as being unfit to make rational decisions. As a result you will experience beurocratic, financial and driving problems and will likely be harassed by the psychiatric services for the rest of your life. The anti-psychotics you are legally forced to consume as part of the official "treatment" of "schizophrenia" include olanzepine, depixal, risperodine and closapine. These mind destroying pills pricks and potions have terrible and seriously dangerous side effects and rob you of intelligence, awareness, motivation, imagination, a fit body, psychic abilities, feelings, sensitivity, a sense of responsibility and your personality.

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