The two worst criminal conspiracies in Europe


Induced experiences mimicking psychosis.


     Do you believe in the existence of Secret Societies? There is one large Secret Society which covers Europe and Canada, which promotes you to new levels by opening doors in your mind which give you psychic abilities. This Secret Society likes hierarchy (sees those exluded as inferior and doesn’t want the truth about internal alchemy to be known, and wants to control everybody.) and effectively manages to drug natural psychics, to block their abilities. The Secret Society is run by MI5 and MI6 who use classified remote control of human technology to set up natural psychics as mad, by use of synthetic telepathy and emotional engineering for example. You are supposed to believe you have schizophrenia and take the drugs willingly. As you do, they stop setting you up as mad. The antipsychotic drugs do block the energy of psychosis, but also the pure energy on natural psychics.



The Kickback.

     As you join the Secret Society, you are given the ability to communicate telepathically. If you repeat verbally what you received telepathically, you are supposed to get the “kickback” i.e. Death, ruin or madness. Really, MI5 (in this country) take out whistleblowers by giving them a brain haemorrhage or heart attack, doing IEMP on them or sabotaging their life. They use invisible technology, which connects to each individuals brain and body frequencies. Electricity is channelled via the neural network for ESB and different frequencies can be targeted to specific points in the body. 




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