By Marina l. Findlay


This involves imagining and visualising a spirit lover who understands you, who you respect, and who teaches you psychic skills. When imagining a spirit lover, the personality of the individual used has nothing to do with the meaning of their symbol. You use symbols for the meaning you associate with them for personal reasons, itís your private world. Make the person your absolute ideal and put them in supportive situations.

Go out for tantra fodder, socialise, draw on situations from your work or studies. The person you use could remind you of an old friend or a concept i.e. Your mesmeriser, soul mate etc They have to be understanding of your personality and ambitions, so in any situation you may find yourself, they enable you to retain self respect and preserve your self expression. If you are really badly mind control tortured, and feel you are being pathetic because of it, imagine/believe your lover knows all about or operates the technology as a police infiltrator Ė he knows itís the technology making you pathetic, and not your own nature. This stops you losing self-respect, or becoming a new weaker person.


Unconditional tantric love, to form a relationship with a Spirit guide

How to. Love Nature, be single, find a form based on a human. This form should be 1. Unblocked by society. 2. Understanding. 3. Ideal. 4. Respectable. 5. Have knowledge of Magick and psychic skills. 6. Have knowledge of all you are battling against. 7. Protective. 8. Beautiful.

Keeping committed to this binding of souls/ loving relationship (even by Magick), enables you to acquire all the insight and knowledge of the tantra form, and invokes into your reality eventually, a Spirit guide.

Imagine the spirit lover astral travelling to give you support when you are feeling weak. If you are under psychic or psychological attack, imagine your lover keeping your head together, saying what is necessary to stop you being broken Ė this way, in an emergency situation, you will be able to access inner strength, and good objective common sense. Druids get guides from opposition, and it is truly said that "while evil spirits attack, good spirits come to your aid".

Cultivating a sense of romance is vital for working with a more connected spirit, donít be embarrassed about your fantasies. Real things will start to happen as you free up your mind, you will see your spirit lover teaching you his skills. You can project and talk to him really.

Constructively directing energy.

Setting up different situations in the mental realms helps you learn and gain experience. Imagine talking to journalists, police, reporters, book distributors, whoever can help with your work. This invokes that energy into your life, and prepares you mentally for when they arrive. Thus, sending energy in the mental realms causes the equivalent forces and forms to manifest in reality at some point in your future. Because of this, you canít separate Magick from every day life. Only have good, creative thoughts. Even your relationship with your car or your sister effects your life. Every thought, feeling and action involves sending energy that ultimately manifests if it can. Controlling your mind in this way, you would eventually only be connected to pure forces and your life will be perfect.. Any negative blocks will be pushed out from your soul, and come into your manifest reality. That being the final dimension through which they leave, and you see them off.

Imagine someone who has wronged you coming clean and an equivalent circumstance is more likely to manifest, i.e. the injustice will be exposed.


Directing thoughts for personal growth.

If you have a spiritual attraction for something, invoke its tantric symbol and open up to its force through your subconscious. You must integrate it into your life and personality with mental focussing and awareness.

The use of a symbol of which you are consciously aware, simultaneously opens up a related force from your soul, which fits its form. Ultimately, you incorporate this spirit into your psychological make up. And, express the added awareness in the physical dimension. The mental awareness that directs the related soul energy completes the fruition of incorporating the force through you Ė you get in form ation i.e. a form is integrated within yourself and understanding because it has firm roots, a solid connection with the universal subconscious.


Re-connecting to Nature.

You start with human symbols and energies, and end up mentally connected to Nature. Really talking to real, helpful, wise understanding Nature spirits. Your symbolic system becomes increasingly personal, and as you explore Magick, you learn that all Magickal systems originated from Nature, and all lead you to reconnect with him/her. The Deities you learn about are all to be found in ancient forests and on Laws or lakes or beaches or moors. Your symbolic system will be remembered intuitively from previous incarnations, recognising symbols or deities you like from books, or finding them in Nature.

Once you have expanded your mental awareness and freed up your personal (shared with Nature spirits and astrological energy) you will hear the voices of Nature spirits such as trees, springs, mountains, farms, genii loci, lakes, the sea, beaches, streams, bushes, ivy, honeysuckle, group souls of animal populations such as a group of bats etc. recognise that these spirits will communicate to you, and act on their messages, listen. When you have a question, ask Nature spirits, go to the ones you view as mother or father. You can access support, extra energy, insight, inspiration, technical information, information of things effecting you of which you are not yet aware, healings (trees can do the equivalent of a reiki healing on you), historical data, revelation, information about Magick, the soul, e.t.c. psychic skills including visualisation, astral body travel, the ability to shift your centre of consciousness into others, and telepathic communication.

To connect, you should be able to perceive the beauty within the Nature spirits. More connected spirits in woods or mountains, beaches or valleys can understand what you are thinking and you can have total interreaction. When you are weak, deliberately seek strength, ask for help, explain your problems, lay under a tree, wrap yourself around its base to invoke earth protectress energy to enable increased mental awareness. Reach out to Nature with good, appreciative, spiritual love, open your heart and she is there for you. Even just by imagining a Nature spirit from your room, you will connect consciousness with them. You should always say thank you for trusting, helping, teaching, healing, and protecting you and those you care about.

Nature spirits can send energy to those who visualize them or imagine them or deliberately feel and think about and describe their spirit .

Natureís expressions will appear in your mind as you gain increased sensitivity. Nature spirits will have a silent voice male or female. They may ask you questions with the intensions to learn for themselves and to help you, e.g. by doing magick on you such as directing appropriate energies you recognize and relate to, into your soul and life e.g. They may give you a serpent if that stands for earth wisdom to give you initiation or they may direct the energy of a major arcane tarot card into your soul or life e.g. the Empress if you are a medium or the Fool if you aim to be fully initiated.


Earth Energy Magick

When Doing Earth Energy Magick in ritual with the Elementals and Male and Female Nature deity working with channelled material for your spell, commune with a Nature Spirit in an external situation (woodlands, mountain or beach) where you think is most suitable for your ritual.

Never expect the deities to come to you always go out to their territory in sacred site in Nature work with a Dryad or genii loci of a law the god of salt and seawater, the genii loci of a beach. These may be the most appropriate spirits to guide the Magick you choose to channel and manifest. Spend a while communicating with the spirit before you start doing the ritual, tell him/her your intensions, recent history and situations you are involved in, tune in to his/her energy and get into the Magickal mindset.

The earth spirits will give you as much energy as you can handle, and will never give you energy for evil, personal gain, financial, property or love gain. Only for tantra, being useful, good, raising awareness, exposing injustice, healing, protection, teaching, manifestation of soul, learning, evolving, and useful psychic abilities that are important as part of your creative centre. All the earth energy does is to contribute to liberation and manifestation of soul energy. Magick for protection of communion with higher guidance, personal evolution, initiation, good revolution, evolution, liberation and health for friends (animal, plant or mineral) is all possible.

When writing spells, write them in the appropriate colour in unjoined capital letters with no gaps in them, always doing downward strokes to focus on grounding your Magick.

Before spell work develop your own personal symbolic system, some systems taken from the systems of other Magickians. The meanings to you of numbers, colours, Nature spirits, stories, words, pictures, tarot cards, deities and planets will be used in the poetic writing/ channelling of the spell.

Practice your Magick according to the moon cycles. Invoking at the waxing moon, banishing at the waning, general Magick at the full moon, usually at midnight, but you could do solar Magick if you prefer.

Appreciate and contribute to Nature.


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