Using Bodies


A certain type of mason, whose leaders are aristocrats, believe in using bodies. In this sport they are trying to traumatise. Like trying to traumatise a soft-dog: they are only trying to break them, make them weak and pathetic.

In using someoneís body it is for rape and for sexual abuse Ė for the sexual highs of men and women astral travelling in them and raping them. The persecuted will have their rights denied, including the right to a heartbeat Ė it is possible, using psychotronics, to stop the heart beating whilst keeping the blood circulating round the body. You can even be very fit without a heartbeat, if you take plenty exercise.

They will treat you as the lowest-of-the-low to carry out top secret experiments on you to view you as expendable. They will only use you for sexual thrill and for rape Satanism (rape Satanism including sexual abuse for the thrills of the women masons astrally travelling in you whilst you are being sexually abused). It is the most highly evolved people who have their bodies used.

The people who are to be abused they check first to be immune to AIDS because they donít want to catch AIDS through raping or sexually abusing them in a lesbian-style way, so they check them first.

In my case, my enemies tried to infect me with AIDS when I was 20 by raping me with heroin addicts, heroin dealers and heroin takers. After I got out of that and moved to the country and went to college, I had an AIDS test six months later and tested HIV negative. That is when they decided to use me as East Lothianís rape Satanism because they were sure I was immune to AIDS and that, therefore, all the men in East Lothian who raped me would definitely not catch AIDS from me because I was immune.

Usually, the person whose body is to be used is asleep. They will fall asleep but will be put under coma, psychotronically, then 6-10 or 11-12 rapists will turn-up at their flat or cottage and will have a gang-bang for rape Satanism. This negatively affects the rapists turning them into criminals and blocking their psychic abilities and it traumatises the victim of rape who is usually a young lady who lives alone. They will also be abused by psychiatric nurses from a local mental institution who come and sexually abuse them in their flat or cottage at night secretly.

In fact, the sexual abuse they practise involves permanently traumatising and damaging the body. They can use a sharp kitchen knife to cut incisions around the anus which will cause bleeding to be noticed in the morning.

For more intense sexual abuse for lady masons Ė up to fifty of them in one night Ėastrally travelling in the person whose body is being used to have orgasms, the victim could be sexually abused with a dildo for fourteen hours, her unconscious body being used to titillate them whilst she is held in a mental institution. This drives the women that are having orgasms in them mad. It makes them deranged it turns them into criminals and it makes them killers and it makes them sexual perverts.

The masons who do this to the victims whose bodies they use feel sadistic towards their victims. This is out of guilt. They rape them and sexually abuse them and usually the victims are highly spiritual and know the body is sacred, believe in eating healthily, in exercising and believe in treating the body like a temple. The masons who use their bodies enjoy psychotronically torturing their victims, beating them up with psychotronics and would like to have them mutilated in a hospital. They give them illnesses requiring hospital treatment and have their bodies mutilated. They have them murdered by making them ill to be murdered in a hospital or just straight murdering. I am a victim of satanic abuse. My enemies believe in raping and sexually abusing me because of my astrology: I have the Sun, Moon, Mercury and Saturn in my twelfth-house. They believe that, by raping me, they pollute the forces of good and that they weaken Heaven. They are Satanists and by raping me they give power to Satan. I was East Lothianís rape Satanism then became Scotlandís rape Satanism Ė rapists coming from as far as Glasgow and Edinburgh to rape me in my cottage in East Lothian. Then I became the countryís rape Satanism with subconscious rape being played subliminally on the telly.

All the rape and sexual abuse Iím talking about is done to me when Iím unconscious Ė psychotronic mind-control, electro-magnetic blocks in my brain rendering me unconscious, my body animated by astrally-travelling lady masons. The police tried to stop the rape recently, so I got raped less physically but was satanically abused in ways that were difficult for the police to stop. I was directly sexually abused without a sexual abuser physically present to traumatise me to a level of mind-controlled muteness.

They were causing sensations on my vagina, violating me and causing sensations on my clitoris, astral travellers in me were turned on by this and had orgasms in me diseasing my spirit. They did it to me unconscious when I couldnít fight and I woke-up the next morning broken. Also, they sodomised me using shit as a dildo, raping my bowel with faeces. They did that to traumatise me, to incapacitate me with mind-control. In my life, they do everything to traumatise me, to rob me of my mental capacities: anti-psychotics, sexual abuse and rape to rob me of my philosophical abilities, psychic abilities and intellect. Raping my bowel with shit and my genitals with psychotronics they did so intensely that they rendered me mute.

My enemies got violent and gave me bone disease in my arms leading to deformity and fractures. They were trying to get metal screws put in my arms or have my arms amputated altogether. I avoided going to a hospital which would have done that for them. They would have permanently damaged my arms or amputated them. I went to a mental hospital as a last resort and had my arms strengthened by New Medical Technology. I have reinforced bones in my arms. My arms donít look too pretty but they are reinforced and work perfectly. My elbows are slightly deformed to make them look like they belong to a mentally disabled person but my arms are alright presently and Iím better to have my arms than to have them amputated or to have metal screwed through them.

Often, when the masons have finished with using someoneís body, they will brain damage them and make them mentally disabled so that they can never tell the story of their abuse. Luckily, all they are doing to me is satanic sexual abuse to keep me psychotronically mind-controlled, robbing me of as much as my mind as they can. I am denied access to my own imagination by electro-magnetic blocks in my brain but am allowed to act and appear normal, much as I do as I write this article. I have been set-up as having brain cancer by being incapacitated by psychotronic mind-control, with astral travellers using my body; talking in me, spouting words out of my mouth and speaking complete rubbish in me. I have not been given nor had brain cancer.

I have been set-up with mind-control and astral-travellers in me, talking in me. In all important conversations I have been able to be fluent and normal and there is no reason why the rest of the mind control should not be released because there would be nothing obvious. I could feel and I would have emotion and I could philosophise (but you donít do that in conversation anyway Ė or you donít in the type of conversation Iíve been having the last two years: Iím not sitting with a half-gramme of cocaine and some brilliant grass from Amsterdam philosophising with a handsome young man presently). In all important conversations my mind-controllers have let me talk normally and being set free from my enemiesí Satanism includes my psychotronic mind-control being gradually released and MI5 eventually forgetting about me.

Why canít I get my rape and sexual abuse criminal injuries and live a quiet life in the countryside?