The European paedophile ring, protected by the Intelligence Services.

By Marina L. Findlay.

The paedophile rings are Masonic, as members are promoted, they earn psychic skills that can be used to manipulate children and other people, primarily Witches. The Intelligence Services are also the same masons.
Ideally, the masons are supposed to child molest those identified early as Witches. This is to traumatise them and prevent their spiritual evolution. (All part of the anti-Nature war.)
Cover memories are used. Two masons work together, abusing psychic skills to give a child a cover memory. One mason is in the childs centre of consciousness, presenting an alternate reality to the childs mind, while the man that's there physically, child molests the unlucky Witch.
These Witches will be put down by their mason relatives, set up and excluded from the Secret Society because the initiation sometimes unblocks a cover memory, and to keep them vulnerable to psychic abuse so they are easy to bash.
If a Witch remembers and wants to arrest her molester, she is classed as mentally ill. She will be blackmailed by threat of use of RCEMHBT or simply have IEMP done on her. This is where MI5 and the other European Intelligence Services come in. Sometimes, they will simply murder the Witch, forcing her to commit suicide, brain haemorrhage, or car crash assassination.

The Anti - Wicca War



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