These webpages which were Marina's personal website  have not been updated in many years and represent a snapshot of her output at a certain time, many years ago. Marina has no access to update this website as hosting is been kept up by someone who has lost touch with Marina
(control of this domain will be handed back to Marina if she is able to take it)

State oppression, Marina Findlays testimony (includes sterilisation, torture, experimentation, sectioning, mind control), MI5 and their worst criminal conspiracies, personal development and High Magick.

This site will be a useful discovery for those involved in fighting oppression in Europe, and/or Magickal initiation. (One and the same). It includes some of the most important information accessible via the web, exposed here for the first time ever or in hundreds of years. This druidic work reveals valuable truths which help personal development, creativity and protection. If you are in trouble with the state (particularly MI5 and the Mental health service), or are interested in personal evolution or Magick, you will benefit from reading the articles:


life update

books and campaigns

The Process of initiation

Magick - Tantra

All you need to know to reawaken your old senses, and find and express your creative centre.

Nature energy magickal ritual.

Natures Guardians : High Magick.

Doing the Devil.

Induced experiences mimicking psychosis (IEMP) and getting you sectioned.

What MI5 do with Remote Control Effect and Manipulation of Human Being Technology (RCEMHBT), magic and abuses of psychic abilities.



SeCrEt StAtE

Why Hod ..

Poems (more later, or seek copy of book)

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